W2B RO500 Reverse Osmosis+Extra Filter Set+Shower Filter |

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Universal 4 filter set

  • This handy boxset comes with the complete 4-filter set (Excludes Membrane) to ensure that you continue to have safe clean drinking water.
  • With our simple colour coded fitting guide replacing your filters is a quick and painless process!
  • Fits the water2buy W2BRO500, W2BRO600, W2BRO700 range of reverse osmosis systems but they will work on any reverse osmosis system.
  • Universal fittings included for fitting with any Reverse Osmosis system
  • We recommend the use of a sanitizer to sanitise the filter housings during filter replacement.

PP Sediment filter
GAC Granular Activated Carbon Filter
CTO Carbon Block Filter
Inline/ Taste and Odor Filter

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Water2Buy Shower Filter

Easily remove harmful salts, metals and bad odors from your water.
The Water2Buy Shower Filter shower removes the presence of fungi, algae, pesticides and other toxins making the water perfect and odor free for showering.
Made with quality mixed carbon and KDF-55 bacteriostatic media.
Easy install just twist it on to your existing shower.
It does not reduce water pressure pressure of the water.
Cartridges last 6-12 months and are easy to change.

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