An efficient water softener for 5 people that fits in a cupboard.

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W2B200 Water Softener


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  • W2B200 Water Softener + Water Filter + Installation Kit

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  • W2B200 Water Softener +Pro Installation + Water Filter + Installation Kit

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  • The W2B200 provides complete limescale-free water for a family of 5.
  • Generates approximately 1,500 litres of filtered soft water every day, for both city and well water.
  • Suitable for installation in a garage, basement or kitchen cupboard.
  • Easy DIY fitting or installation service available.
  1. Automatic self cleaning & Manual override
  2. The pre-fitted bypass valve will maintain optimal water pressure throughout your home.
  3. Equipped with an efficient digital meter control so it consumes less salt and water.
  4. Adjustable water hardness.
  5. Use the free Water2Buy easyConnect app for easy setup.
  6. Prefilled premium-grade ionX resin, Built to last, high strength corrosion resistant fiberglass and polyethylene tank.

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