A 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System non electric

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W2BRO500 Reverse Osmosis System

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  • W2B RO500 Reverse Osmosis+Pro Installation

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  • W2B RO500 Reverse Osmosis+Extra Filter Set+Shower Filter

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  • W2B RO500 Reverse Osmosis+Pro Installation+Extra Filter Set+Shower Filter

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  • The W2B RO500 removes 98% of contaminants from water including fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, metals, nitrates, drug residues.
  • Generates approximately 190 litres of filtered water every day, for both city and well water.
  • Non electric, Requires minimum water pressure of 2 bar.
  • Easy DIY fitting or installation service available.
  1. Membrane filtering .05 Micron filtering removing heavy metals like lead, chromium and chemicals like fluoride
  2. Taste and odor filtration, A final polish of the water for a smooth taste and no bad odors
  3. Elegant tap to complement your kitchen.
  4. 12 Litre Storage Tank for immediate filtered water supply
  5. 3 Pre filter stages Removing harmful sediments and chemicals like chlorine. Colour coded for easy replacement.
  6. Use the free Water2Buy easyConnect app for easy setup.

What's in the box Where can I get video demonstration of an install How much is delivery and returns Is there an install service? customer service? and warranty? Where can I install the system? Can the system be connected to my kitchen tap? What is the difference between the non-pumped and pumped unit? Does the reverse osmosis unit serve the whole house?