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  • The W2BP100V is a smart pump that maintains a constant water pressure in your home. It uses a Permanent-magnet variable-frequency motor controlled by a Multi mode intelligent controller and produces very little noise.The pressure is accurate and constant at any time and any place, and there is no situation where the water flow is suddenly large or small.
  • The pump automatically adjusts the speed according to the user’s water consumption, and the power consumption is greatly reduced, saving the living cost. When the pipe water pressure is sufficient, the pump will not start and when the water pressure is not enough, the pump will automatically run and start working to pressurize the water eliminating waste and benefiting the environment.
  • It is a perfect product for a range of applications like Household water supply. Water supply system, Cooling system, Boost system. There are three working mode “booster up” , “booster down” and “timing/filling the tank” , which can be switched freely according to their own water conditions. which is more easy to use.
  • The smart pump has an inbuilt LCD display screen to easily read current settings and it also comes with a downloadable APP for easy control from your phone.
  • Working range: Liquid: clean liquids without suspended solids.non-aggressive, Liquid temperature: 0°C – 60°C, Ambient temperature: <40°C, Maximum pressure: 10 bar, Continuous service: S1, Insulation: B, Protection: IP X4

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Here's the most frequently asked questions when buying Water2Buy Pump

  • What is the range of voltages for this pump? The rated voltage of this pump is 220 v and the working voltage is from 130 V to 280 V.
  • How many working modes are available in the switch? There are three working modes ‘booster up, ’booster down’ and timing filling the tank which can be switched freely according to their own water conditions which is more easy to use.
  • What is the maximum pressure that can be generated by the pump? 10 Bar


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