Reverse Osmosis Membrane / Element Universal Fit

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Compatible as a replacement for the following membrane models:

11.8” x 1.8”
Universal 50GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane compatible with all housings.
This filter can be fitted to all standard water filtration units and all reverse osmosis systems that use standard 12” reverse osmosis element water filters.

0.0005 micron nominal filtration.
The membrane allows only the water to pass through, not the impurities or contaminates.
Fits all 12” housings and systems.
Rolled for better quality control.
Black rubber collar can be at either end of the membrane.

Home water pressure will cause dissolved inorganic solids(such as salt) to be removed from the water by pushing it through a semi permeable membrane.
Rated at 50 psi.
Standard fitting for common reverse osmosis units.
Recommended replacement: Every 24 months.

Package contents:
1 Reverse Osmosis Element.
Size: 11.8” x 1.8”

Additional information

Weight160 kg
Dimensions4.5 × 30 mm

23 reviews for Reverse Osmosis Membrane / Element Universal Fit

  1. michael dirrane

    Very happy with delivery service as it was on time and very fast. I installed it myself. I give it 5 stars.

  2. Tim Harris

    Installed 2 months ago, been working great ever since.

  3. Jaime Craner

    Absolutely Amazing! Can’t believe I got a membrane for such a good price.

  4. Tracy Hanrraty

    Husband installed it in no time at all and works great. would recommend.

  5. Margaret

    I received a prompt delivery, overall I am very happy with the service I have received.

  6. Keith

    I got the membrane a replacement for the one in my 5 stage filter, works good. Happy with the buy.

  7. Arthur Gribbons

    50 GPD membrane was all I needed for my system and this one fit the bill. No complaints and happy enough with the service as an overall.

  8. Fraser Bateson

    When I bought the membrane I wasn’t particularly sure how to install it but then I found that they have a video up on how to replace all the filters, handy for me, I’m very pleased with my purchase. Definitely would buy again.

  9. Harper Scrivens

    Good Quality Membrane

  10. Vincent Hopkins

    Great membrane to use for my reverse osmosis unit

  11. Harrison Green

    Great membrane and I’ll use Water2buy again when I’m getting my next filter

  12. James Hannon

    Does exactly what it says, happy with my purchase.

  13. Gina Kavanagh

    Cheapest membrane I could find, and it seems to do the job quite well. No complaints at all. Great to do business with.

  14. Frank

    It doesn’t get any better than this membrane

  15. Mick Longley

    5 out of 5

  16. David

    Good housing, well worth the money

  17. Rachel

    Best price I could find on the sites that I looked around on. Definitely will buy again.

  18. Gareth

    Needed a new membrane and this one did the job just fine.

  19. Molly Berton

    Good price and I’m really happy with the purchase

  20. Frank F

    Great Customer Service

  21. Bill Maloney

    I bought a few of the membranes as I got them on a deal price, doing well since the change and now I’m stocked up for a good while.

  22. Megan Turney

    Super happy with the price.

  23. Patrick

    A 50 GPD Membrane does the job just fine for any house.

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane / Element Universal Fit reviews

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