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  1. Carmelina

    I’m willing to take your self einerxmeptation results at face value regardless of the problems with measurement. You do enough of it that it’s pretty clear you’re chasing results one way or the other, and not rationalizing backwards from changes. That latter is what gets me into trouble- I slept really well last weekend, must have been all the booze Another point about subjectivity. There’s a pretty clear role that the brain plays in health so figuring out a way to kick start a positive mental reaction is useful even if your reasoning is faulty. Like if you believe living like a caveman is healthy and your understanding of that causes you to eat less, start exercising and make other positive changes, then maybe it’s not important on a personal level that nobody knows what cavemen really ate and that anthropologists find Paleo reasoning nonsensical. The Paleo way of thinking definitely helped me get started in the right direction regardless of what I think about it now. Maybe the best we can hope for is to stumble here and there onto something that works for us.Although as I type that I realize how anti-intellectual that sounds. That was the whole safe starch’ debate in a nutshell. There exists no scientific reason not to eat them, but there are still plenty of people in the paleo world who lay claim to a personal metabolism and happily ridicule the so called experts with their biased, bought and paid for, obviously wrong because Taubes said so’ science.

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