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This product is designed and developed for water with a low PH (This would be water with a PH value of less then 6.4)

  • Increases PH value of water thus stopping corrosion or green staining etc.
  • The unit consists of a 8″*35″ fibre glass vessel filled with a PH correction media called calcite.

How do I install this unit?
To install unit connect incoming water mains to one side and your out going mains on the opposite.

Does this unit require power?
No, this unit does not require power.

Do I need to replace any media?
Yes, the media in the vessel will dissolve over time this depends on your PH value and your water usage will last approx 1-2 years

Can I replace the media myself?
Yes, just twist off the head of the unit and add new media to vessel.

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