Water2Buy W2B200 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-4 People | 100% Limescale Removed

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The W2B200 provides complete limescale-free water for a family of 1 – 4 and can generate approximately 1,250 litres of filtered soft water every day. It is engineered for both city and well water. This softener is equipped with an efficient digital meter control so it consumes less salt and water.

The size is 220 X 525 X 650 mm and is suitable for installation in a garage, basement or kitchen cupboard. It connects to your mains water supply and softens water in the entire home. Do allow space for hoses when planning your install. A power source is required, however only a tiny amount of power is consumed annually (Approx 20 euro/pounds).

Built to last, high strength corrosion resistant fiberglass, polyethylene tank, adjustable water hardness, and prefilled premium-grade ionX resin. The pre-fitted bypass valve will maintain optimal water pressure throughout your home. Use the free Water2Buy easyConnect app for easy setup.

Automatic self cleaning: The water softener quietly takes care of itself performing a regeneration cycle automatically when needed. This Meter Softener measures your water usage and only regenerates when necessary, making it more efficient. It regenerates at 3am when the water supply is not in use, so there is no impact on normal water usage. Approximately 37 litres of water is used during a regeneration.

What’s in the box: Water softener, Manual, UK power supply, EU power supply, 3/4inch (22mm) HIGH FLOW connection fittings, bypass valve (pre fitted), bypass lever, silicone

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Water Hardness in Europe

Choosing a Water Softener Made Easy

Start with the number of people it needs to provide soft water for.

We’ve divided our range up by the number of people it will comfortably produce soft water for.

Next, decide where you can fit it in your home. A Water Softener is usually installed where the mains water supply enters the building. That’s usually under the kitchen sink or in the basement. Find out where your water enters your home and measure the space available.

Using this information, you should be left with a shortlist of suitable water softeners, pick the one that suits your budget!

As a rule of thumb, buy the biggest one you can fit and afford, it will have the best lifetime value.

Green V Blue

Blue water softeners are the Pre-2020 range, they are still effective and budget friendly. The green range are our modern more advanced models and come with Smart APP support.

Start here…

Water2Buy W2B200 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-4 People | 100% Limescale Removed

Water2Buy W2B110 Water Softener | Timer Control Softener for 1-4 People | 100% Limescale Removed

Water2Buy W2B500 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-7 People | 100% Limescale Removed

Water2Buy W2B800 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-10 People | 100% Limescale Removed
Number of People 1 - 4 1 - 4 1 - 7 1 - 10
Install Location Kitchen Cupboard, Garage, Basement Kitchen Cupboard, Garage, Basement Garage, Basement Garage, Basement
Litres of soft water generated 1250 1250 1417 3680
Dimensions (mm) W220 X D525 X H650 W220 X D425 X H650 W303 X D570 X H700 W225 X D500 X H1100
Regeneration Type Meter Timer Meter Meter
Mobile App
Fitting Size 3/4 Inch High Flow 3/4 Inch High Flow 3/4 Inch High Flow 1 Inch Mega Flow

Installing a Water Softener Made Easy

Here's the most frequently asked questions when buying a water softener

    • What is Regeneration? Regeneration is the cleaning process where salt is used to wash the resin in your water softener. The resin is the part that actually removes limescale. After regeneration, a water softener can produce its full capacity of soft water without needing to regenerate again. Regeneration is often called backwash. A backwash takes about 30 minutes and usually performs when the water is not in use.
    • What’s The difference between a timer and a meter water softener? ‘Timer’ or ‘Meter’ refers to the regeneration type. A Timer water softener regenerates every few days regardless of water usage. So a timer will always regenerate and use salt even if it’s capable of producing more soft water. This means a timer uses more salt and water than a meter. A Meter Softeners measures your water usage and counts down the soft water capacity it has left. It only performs a regeneration when there is no softening capacity left, making it more efficient.
    • Are their other parts or items required for water softener install? Water2Buy do not include additional items for water softener install as plumbing sizes vary, and you may be able to re-use your existing connections if replacing an old water softener. Here is a list of parts that any standard water softener install will require.
    1. Connection hoses, we recommend steel braided flexible hoses. You’ll need 2 hoses one in and one out.The first hose connects your mains hard water supply to your water softener. The second returns soft water from your water softener to your water system. Buy the same size hoses as your pipes.E.g. If you have 3/4 in pipes, then buy 3/4 hoses and connect them to 3/4 water softener connection fittings.
    2. Water Softener Connection Fittings. The fittings on a water2buy softener are inexpensive and interchangeable. So you can buy different size fittings if you need to. This makes Water2Buy water softeners compatible with all plumbing. Water2Buy water softeners come with 1 set of fittings included, check the listing for the size included.
    3. You will need a waste pipe, the water softener flushes brine out of the waste pipe during its Regeneration.
    4. Over flow pipe, Overflow pipes allow water to overflow to a safe location in case of a malfunction.
    5. By-pass valve. Your local plumbing code may require you to install a by-pass valve before your water softener.A by-pass valve allows you to by-pass the water softener in the event of a problem. Water2Buy Models (W2B180, W2B200, W2B500, W2B780, W2B800) come with a free by-pass valve pre fitted so there is no need to purchase an extra valve or mounting block.
    • Can I drink softened water The acceptable level of Sodium in drinking water is 200Mg per litre While the amount varies a water softener can add about 10Mg per litre. If you are concerned then you can install a filter tap or leave a drinking tap with hard water.

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  1. Cristina Chiapasco

    Il prodotto è magnifico e spedizione è andata bene e l’imballaggio ottimo ma il trasformatore per le prese italiane è arrivato 3 giorni dopo con pacco a parte e manca il manuale in italiano che ho dovuto scaricare da internet. Nel complesso un buon prodotto e un buon servizio ma migliorabile sui dettagli che fanno la differenza.

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  2. alainV

    Cet adoucisseur fut livre dans les meilleurs délais, bien emballé ,sans pièce manquante ou détériorée.Sa mise en place fut un jeu d’enfant.Son fonctionnement immédiat.Cette entreprise est très dynamique et s’inquiète auprès de ses clients de leur avis.Si je dois conseiller cet appareil a un ami je le ferai volontier.

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  3. Eurl M.

    facilité d’installation, la vidéo sur le lien du site indiqué sur la notice n’est pas valide dommage. notice incomplète vis à vis du produit pour les réglages. satisfait de l utilisation- efficace- livraison ultra rapide

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  4. Patrick Pandroz

    Bonjour, Je suis satisfait de ce produit correspondant à mes attentes, facile d’installation, documentation en français, (surtout quand on ne parle pas anglais). Service de communication rapide et sérieux. Le capot de mon AS200, était cassé dans le transport, 48 heure après j’ai reçu un autre capot Encombrement réduit Bon produit

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  5. J W P Stout

    Ordered to replace old softener which had given up. It was easy to install, compact and with comprehensive instructions and maintenance information. However the top to the salt compartment is very thin plastic (like the top of a margaring tub) so hopefully it will last. Also the blue cover has already got a split in one corner, again maybe the palstic is too flimsy. However,overall a good product

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  6. Bernard Johnston

    I’ve only just received the unit but on installation I was unsure of a couple of things to do with the programming. I called them direct and received what I can only say was excellent service and help. Thanks

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  7. Ben

    Works well enough but was missing a few essential fitting bits and bobs. Had to go and get a new hose and hose fitting.

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  8. MR H.

    I purchased this item to replace my ageing Crown Twin Tank. I chose this item as it can be rebuilt unlike many other water softeners. The AS200 arrived very quickly and is very easy to fit and use if you follow the instructions correctly. It would have had 5 stars if the inner salt cover lid wasn’t so flimsy but apart from that its a very good looking unit and a bargain price.

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  9. d w curtis

    delivery and product as expected from a proper company, softener works well, could do with more water flow but is acceptable. after sales service team very good my contact was steve, would buy again,

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  10. turandot

    Delivery, Steven`s response to providing 3/4″ fittings & missing overflow parts was faultless. information delays to clarify my experiences similar to ;-)Manual regeneration doesn’t seem to work on this model. The best thing is to wait until the status screen shows 0.00T and put in a time a few minutes into the future. After it completes the cycle, set the regeneration time back to early in the morning. If you attempt a manual regeneration it will just stay stuck in backwash sending water down the drain. (Repeating other comments, as my experienced). This I overcame by turning manually through each stage, this was following the `User Guide`menu, in which details wildly differing between Guide, PDF & Tv video.IE; Rinse in Guide = 1min. PDF = 4 MIN. Video =15 min. Other info was similar. I do hope that the service from the softener is comparable to my previous three softener units over 40 years? Three stars due to the delays in the clarification information.Some delays could be attributable to their use of an international number which my telephone rejects,as well as withheld. Subsequent frustrations are. Steven, thank you for the bag of salt & the test strips received today. When I tested the water from the mains it read 250 ppm or 15. The softened water was the same 250 ppm or 15.(still hard). The regeneration was currently set to 0.96 for 4 persons. This as per manual. As there are only 2 persons in our house I thought this to be an extra margin to consume. It had been 18 days since the last regeneration, this perhaps it is not sufficient? If this was set to regenerate as a 340 ppm at 0.72 three persons, this should then regenerate more frequently. Do you agree this is a possible solution to the problem of not providing softened water. To date water2buy has not responded to my query. I feel that the problems are related mainly to the variation between the Manual, the PDF & the Video on fitting the softener. This resulting in overloading the inquiry line at water2buy. When a response is obtained it is exemplary. The revised settings , on this trial & error with the PDF files have achieved `softened water 0 ppm.`Now give 4 stars. despite the frustrations.

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  11. Waltraud S.

    Die Lieferung erfolgte nach Zahlung sehr Zeitnah. Die Lieferung war komplett und ohne Beanstandung angekommen. Die mitgelieferten Unterlagen und Beschreibung sind für einen versierten “Handwerker” ausreichend, für einen Leien jedoch dürftig. Die Montage ist trotzdem sehr simpel und ohne Probleme durchzuführen. Wichtig erscheint mir jedoch festzustellen, dass für einen deutschen Kunden deutsche Stecker beizulegen sind und keine englische Stecker. Die Anlage läuft einwandfrei und erfüllt seinen Zweck!

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  12. Mc_S

    Habe die AS200 zwar erst seit einer Woche in Betrieb aber ich muss sagen bis jetzt bin ich begeistert! Der Anschluss war für mich als Handwerker kein Problem, sollte man aber nicht unterschätzen. Ich war skeptisch wegen den Kunststoffanschlüssen, war aber alles problemlos und dicht! Bei uns haben wir eine Wasserhärte von ca. 20°dH. Steht erstens auf der Homepage des Energieversorgers und zweitens habe ich zuvor gemessen. Nach der Inbetriebnahme hatte ich in der Kaltwasserleitung sofort 0°dH, habe dann die Einstellschraube verstellt, so dass ich jetzt bei 5°dH bin. Beim Warmwasser hat es ca. 2 Tage gedauert bis ich einen Unterschied messen konnte, denke das ist wegen dem Boiler, bis der einmal ganz ausgeleert war. Zum Salzverbrauch kann ich noch nichts sagen, hoffe aber dass mir ein Sack im Monat reicht. Dauert auch noch bis alles perfekt eingestellt ist um so wenig Salz wie möglich zu brauchen. Man sollte also genügend Ehrgeiz besitzen 🙂 Also im großen und ganzen bin ich total begeistert von der AS200, wenn da die Bedienungsanleitung nicht wäre. An dieser Stelle muss ich sagen könnte der Hersteller wirklich nachbessern. Man liest es ja auch oft in den Rezensionen, das die Anleitung nicht so optimal ist. Ich bin damit trotzdem klargekommen weil ich mich sehr gut und tagelang damit beschäftigt habe. In einer Bewertung las ich von einer Baugleichen Steuerung die eine perfekte Anleitung hat, das hat mir auch sehr geholfen. Einfach “Steuerventil BNT165” googeln, damit geht’s leichter. Habe mir lange überlegt ob ich mir diese Anlage kaufe, bereue es auch nicht! Auch der Kontakt mit dem Hersteller war sehr positiv! Kann ganz klar meine Empfehlung aussprechen!

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  13. Barbara Jacketts

    1st unit didn,t work but a new unit was dispatched and received without any problems. It has taken a while to set up but is now up and running. Is very quite in operation and good value

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  14. David Heeley

    Very competitively priced product easy to install and good silky soft water. Apart from instructions for setting up the progammer the date window instruction had been removed without changing the instructions, but Steve put us right straight away .An addendum note included with the instructions would have made the installation a piece of cake. Only other fault is connection between the Transformer supply and the softenor the jack plug on our model was very sensitive so any jiggling of the transformer wire caused the programme screen to go on and off, so fixed it securely to the softenor with cable ties to make sure it could not be disturbed.

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  15. Mike

    I bought this to replace an old unit. I bought it mainly because of the price as it’s considerably cheaper than a lot of the units that i looked at and the reviews seemed quite good. It arrived quickly and was well packed. Easy to install although slightly bigger than the last unit that i had. Seems to work perfectly well.

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  16. mateo d.

    cet adoucisseur est très bien, ça pouvait recevoir 5étoiles mais je l’ai retirée pour 3 petites raisons. – lors de la livraison, le colis est assez protégé, malheureusement il y avait un fissure sur la coiffe qui est sans gravitée (heureusement). – manque de précision concernant le réglage pour avoir l’eau adoucie au meilleur résultat. – un seul échange de mail avec le service qui par la suite, m’a oublié ( j’ai vite compris que je devais compter que sur moi même ) je vous rassure, cet adoucisseur est très simple d’utilisation et également pour le réglage, (ne pas se fier totalement au manuel ) merci pour ce bon article 😉

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  17. Timmo

    I bought this to replace an ageing softener that had malfunctioned. Over all I think it is a very good product and it seems keenly priced when compared with others on the market. Ultimately it does its job if your water is soft whether the machine cost £1000 or £300. So from that point of view it does the job and I would have given it 5 stars if not for just a couple of things. These were my findings and others may not have the same experiences. Firstly the top cover is very flimsy and was cracked in 2 places on arrival. I figured that this was not really an issue as it would be unseen and as it turned out I had to cut the back off of it to get it to fit where I sited the box. Not a great first impression but as I say it does not effect its operation. Connections – I think most people if they are replacing a softener will have 22m washing machine hose type connectors. The unit came with 15 mm connectors and new ones were sent out but it took a week which was rather inconvenient. A tip, the two quick release connectors need to be pushed very firmly into their holes before securing with the safety clips. I didn’t have them in far enough to begin with but once in its a very secure fitting. Settings – I initially set the machine up with the settings as described in the printed instructions. I was then led astray by watching the video on the suppliers site which had a very differing set of settings. This was complicated further by a google on AS200 which showed another video for this exact same model with another completely different set of figures. An email from Steve confirmed the printed document should be followed. Primarily to test my plumbing I wanted to do a manual cycle through. The manual suggests that either just setting the machine to meter immediate or moving the switch to the backwash position will achieve this. It will not and putting it in backwash will just leave it there for good. Steve advised …to do a manual wash out you need to do is Change meter delayed to meter immediately Change the REG.CAP to 00.01 Then run about 1 to 2 litres out your cold or hot tap. One final point, it does not mention is that block salt is ok to use with this and I find that much the easiest to use. Over all a very good product just let down with a few things that are pretty easy to fix up going forward. I would still highly recommend this product.

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  18. mrs j jones

    did the job

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  19. Customer

    We live in an old house in a very hard water area and I wanted soft water to at least feed the boiler and the washing machine. I wasn’t too worried about soft water to the toilets, hand basins, outside taps etc but due to the quirky pipe route into the house I had to compromise and leave the cold water to the bathrooms unsoftened. The only practical place to install was in the utility room at the rear of the house. I looked at several different water softeners and opted for water 2 buy based on size, price and amazon reviews. I haven’t had much experience of plumbing and have no previous with water softeners and so this review can not compare to other devices. I decided to write a review because of the letter from water2buy requesting me to do so with the obvious bribe of a small packed of haribo sweets. The unit was delivered very quickly and was well packed. I didn’t buy plumbing items and decided to work out what I need once it arrived and to buy from screwfix. I normally find that I buy several things that I don’t need and omit many that I do, and being able to get that all important widget on a Sunday morning is worth going local for. I did buy a water hardness testing kit (strips) to test the water at my house, this wasn’t from water2buy. Anyway, I read the instructions (which were supplied in several languages) and reread several times. I tested the water supply for hardness and found it to be very very high. The strip went very dark brown within 2 seconds which is the top of the scale, this seems a bit too hard I thought and so I looked up the hardness on south west water web site. The showed the hardness at a much more sensible level, still hard but not Vinnie Jones hard. So, don’t trust the testing kit. I imagine that south west water probably use more than a testing kit from Amazon and I would believe them over a home kit. Anyway, helpful for testing the water post softener, more later… BTW, the scale for hardness is PPM in the water2buy (W2B) brochure and the south west water web site quotes several different units but none are PPM. However, searching on the internet showed PPM to be the same as CACO3. It would have been helpful if the manual had noted this and I expect W2B know this useful nugget. Once the unit arrived, I worked out the materials for the install which included copper push joints Ts, couplers, washing machine outlet, copper pipe, flexi hoses, clips, stop taps, garden hose, waste pipe and extra U bend, jubilee clips (requirement discovered later), washing machine drain hose x2, coffee. I also purchased a small pipe cutter, pipe bender and push joint decoupler tool (needed this!). I used my existing tools which included cordless drill, screwdrivers, wire wool, grips, SDS drill with big bit (to drill through a 14″ brick and flint wall). Work started on 6 nations final weekend, a bad weekend to start and not much got done. However, a very exciting end to the 6 nations and much better than plumbing. The following weekend was better (from a plumbing perspective but still some time until the World Cup) and I got almost to completion but with all jobs like this I don’t like to rush the end as once the main cold water pipes are cut there is no going back. It’s good to aim the finish to be on a Saturday lunch time as there is still Saturday PM and Sunday to cope with leaks, missing bits, faults, trips to A&E etc. Anyway, back to the install… The pipe install generally went well. Quite a bit of bending of pipe which was fun, do watch examples on youtube… my first attempt had a puckered inside radius. And don’t use the end of the copper pipe you buy, it will likely be slightly deformed and the push joints don’t like it… mine was and they didn’t, glad I bought the decoupler tool. Once all the plumbing was done (see the picture) I connected the softener to the water supply and the drain feed to the waste water and the overflow to a hose to the outside (copper pipe through the wall though). I needed the jubilee clips now and didn’t have any and so I rummaged in the garage to find some. This made me think that it would have been helpful if W2B included a typical shopping list in the instructions. It also became evident that the waste water (wash) outlet fouls the lid of the softener and so the lid doesn’t sit properly… come on W2B, its not rocket science is it! If you look at the close up picture you can just see the angle of the waste pipe. I also noticed at this point that I couldn’t read the illuminated panel or the rotating dial due to the position next to the freezer (this always happens at this point doesn’t it). Not the fault of the unit as I think it must be designed to fit lengthways under a sink and not sideways next to a freezer. I used my mobile phone camera at a angle to read the display while setting up… better than a mirror as its the right way around. The set up instructions were OKish… I must have slightly different firmware in mine compared to the instructions as some of the options were different. I don’t seem to get the option to change the date but the instructions suggest that I should. Aside from this all went OK but I was a bit confused with the big dial thing, I couldn’t read the legends ( I know… sited sideways and not lengthways) but turned it to see what would happen… sudden gushing of water… quickly turned it all the way around and read the manual again… seems like a manual wash control. Anyway, reset back to start all all seemed OK. The pictures in the manual weren’t great, it would help to have photos and more of them. The manual provided instructions to assemble certain parts which were already assembled on my unit., Not sure why but a bit confusing. I ran the water for a while and then got out another strip tester and would you believe it the water was now soft rather than Vinnie Jones hard. Job done. Its been working away for 4 days now and all seems OK. I don’t know how much salt it uses but as its a metered unit and only feeds hot water and washing machine I would hope it is not too bad. The manual contains a table to correlate the settings to the hardness and the number of people in the house. There are 4 in our house but as the softener is only doing hot water and washing machine I decided to use 3 people on the table to correlate the settings. Overall I give it 4 starts. The negatives being the accuracy of the manual/instructions, poor pictures in the manual, the angle of the outlet meaning that the lid doesn’t fit properly and the firmware being different to the manual. On the plus side the unit appears well made, the instructions were clearly written by someone who speaks english (not sure about the other languages), delivery speed and free haribos.

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  20. Oleg S.

    Delivery was quick and smooth, it looks solid and reliable, as described. After a few re-set up manipulations I finally got soft water running from my taps.

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  21. Nigel Hancock

    I bought this to replace an existing water softener which had failed so the plumbing was already in-place – the only difficulty I had was that the unit as supplied comes with 1/2″ inlet/outlet connections and while the instruction say they can supply different sizes, it’s a bit frustrating when you (along with most of the UK) have 3/4″ connections. I would have thought that for the few extra pence it would cost on a purchase of over £300 they might have included the optional parts in the box? Nonetheless, once I had made-up some adaptors, all works well. I would strongly suggest downloading the latest version of the manual from their website as this will have the latest info – the YouTube videos are handy but didn’t quite reflect the version I had. I like this water softener because although it’s metered – you have the ability to fine-tune a number of settings – it works fine using the settings in the on-line manual as a starting point but if, for example, you find that after a re-generation your water tastes a bit salty it most likely means it needs a bit more rinse time and this, and other parameters can be set up. All in all, very pleased.

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  22. michael napper

    Good price, quick delivery, appears to be well made, but the instructions provided with it concerning the programming are not really good enough – although to be fair the information is available on the company`s website.

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  23. michael schonhut

    Bought this last week and installed it myself with a couple of flexible tap connectors.The difference in the water is amazing. Scale in the shower just wiped away with a sponge and more luxurious feel using shower gel. Definitely recommend getting one. Also no floating yukky stuff in my black tea.

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    Good water softener, poor instructions and the failure to respond to my email query lost it the fifth star.

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  25. Mr R.J.Brindley

    It arrived on time, but with the wrong fittings. The replacements were of different sizes, I then had to wait for over a week to receive the correct size before I could install.

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  26. Karl-Heinz Wezel

    Die AS 200 kam relativ schnell an und war gut verpackt. Wir haben diese dann sofort angeschlossen und dabei festgestellt dass das Netzgerät mit Steckvorrichtungen für das Commonwealth und nicht für Deutschland ausgestattet war. Also ein neues gekauft für ein paar Euro .Fertig angeschlossen arbeitete die AS 200 sehr gut.15° dH auf 1,5° dH, aber nach ca.4 Tagen waren die Werte wieder auf 15°, alle Einstellungen nochmals geprüft und kein Fehler gefunden, also per Mail angefragt, mir wurde auch sofort geantwortet mit Tipps und technischen Angaben, aber das brachte keine Besserung, dann habe ich die Zeit Reg. Time der Uhr statt von 2.00 Uhr nachts auf 13.00 und die Reg. Capacity auf 00,01 gestellt sowie ein paar Liter Wasser auslaufen lassen, danach hat das Display Backwash Remain angezeigt, aber der Mechanische Teil sprich das Stellrad ist nicht angelaufen. Das habe ich per Mail water2buy mittgeteilt und dann kam eine ganze Litanei was alles falsch sein könnte usw. Erst als ich water2buy Bilder des Anschlusses gesendet habe und Ihnen mittgeteilt habe dass ich eine Elektroinstallationsfirma besitze glaubten Sie mir und bestätigten dass ich einen neuen Ventilkopf zugesendet bekomme. Jetzt hat es leider 6 Wochen gedauert bis dieser da war, Zwischenzeitlich hatte ich zwei Mails gesendet und nachgefragt, erst als ich ein wenig energischer reagierte, teilten Sie mir mit dass der Kopf innerhalb einer Woche zugestellt wird. Das war dann auch so, wir installierten diesen noch am gleichen Tag, was wirklich kein Problem ist, da die Anschlüsse Steckvorrichtungen sind, und der Kopf wenn einer den Behälter festhält, sich durchaus herunter drehen lässt, auch ohne Spezialwerkzeug. Nach den richtigen Einstellungen funktionierte die automatische Regeneration endlich einwandfrei. Jetzt nach ein paar Wochen Betrieb muss ich sagen, ich hab es nicht bereut, alles arbeitet einwandfrei der Wasserwert liegt etwa bei 2° dH, nach ein wenig Einstellung an der Verschneideeinrichtung am Anschlussventil, und die Kalkflecken sind endlich weg im Becken, für die Kaffeemaschine kann das Wasser direkt genommen werden, der Waschmittelverbrauch hat sich halbiert und und und. Ich kann eine klare Kaufempfehlung aussprechen. Ein Punkt Abzug nur deshalb weil das Ersatzteil so lange gedauert hat.

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  27. HOUREZ Jean Marc

    Appareil reçu à la bonne date MAIS: 1) Couvercle de protection “bleu” cassé sur les deux coin arrière 2) Transformateur électrique pas adapté au normes Française. Achat d’un adaptateur Obligatoire. J’ai envoyé un mail au fabricant concernant ces remarques il y a plusieurs semaines et à ce jour pas de retour de leurs part. Dommage. Pour ce qui est de la mise en service et du fonctionnement, pas de Pb particulier

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  28. David Fox – Colkirk


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  29. mary mcdonald – portlaoise

    install by son

    Was this review helpful to you?
  30. Michael Woods – Great Yarmouth

    Did it myself easy

    Was this review helpful to you?
  31. Kate Marshall – Wiltshire

    DIfficult to say as we are having lots of other plumbing work done and havent had final bill yet

    Was this review helpful to you?
  32. Pat fletcher – lincs

    Got my friend to do it

    Was this review helpful to you?
  33. Mike Vinson – Reading

    I paid 150 for the unit to be installed by a local plumber

    Was this review helpful to you?
  34. Ralph Whittaker – Chippenham

    Installed it myself.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  35. H. Krause

    Der aufbau war nicht so schwierig,nur die Anleitung im Deutschen ist gewöhnungsbedürftig. Dafür läuft die Anlage seit einem Monat prima und ich hoffe das es so bleibt. Ansonsten ist der Preis unschlagbar.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  36. Client

    Très bon produit qui correspond à mes attentes petit bémol sur la prise de courant non adaptée à nos prise française

    Was this review helpful to you?

    Bon produit, facile à installer et à programmer. Satisfaite de mon achat je le recommande à tous ceux qui ont des problèmes d eau dure

    Was this review helpful to you?
  38. Suzie L

    I purchased the AS200 model and had all sorts of issues to start with, so here are some tips to help you get started:- 1. The instruction book for the AS200 contradicts the info on the video. The video is more up-to-date, so ditch the book and follow the on-line instructions. I placed my laptop on the kitchen floor, followed each instruction and paused the video until I was ready to move on to the next set up instruction. 2. The stainless steel braided hoses are not supplied with the water softner; you have to purchase them separately. Check on delivery that they have sent you the correct fitting, as I was supplied with an incorrect size to start with. 3. Don’t expect a return telephone call from this company; it seems that they have several staff but only one engineer who can talk you thru any issues / questions you have and getting hold of him is almost impossible. When they finally come back to you, they are charming but this can take days, rather than hours for a return call. 4. They don’t offer a fitting service so you either fit it yourself, or get a plumber to do so, hence the price you’re paying. 5. The blue plastic lid is very flimsy and according to several reviews, often gets damaged during delivery; I’ve just left the top off mine. On the plus side:- 1. Very fast delivery (three days). 2. The price (down from £500, to £289) is the best in the market place for this size model. 3. When I finally managed to get everything set up and working, the water hardness test confirmed that my water had gone from ‘very hard – almost 1000ppm’ to ‘soft -0ppm’ in less than 48 hours, which is pretty impressive. I’ll now monitor the salt usage and the water quality over the next few months, but after a frustrating start, I can now say I’m pleased I purchased this from Water2Buy. With just some very minor tweaks (such as a label on the front of the instruction book saying refer to the video rather than the booklet, and an a4 laminated COLOUR print-out showing all the machine parts labelled up for ease of identification), and some customer service improvements for call backs (which are guaranteed to wind up a customer if they’re not forthcoming !), they could easily do a lot more business !

    Was this review helpful to you?
  39. J Tedder

    We have been very satisfied with this softener, it came well packed,was easy to install and has provided soft water from our very hard supply. It was very reasonably priced, in particular for a meter controlled unit [which should reduce our salt consumption, too early to say yet]. Our old softener lasted 30 years so we hope this lasts as well, although I would echo another reviewer in saying the salt cover lid could be more substantial.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  40. Steffi S.

    Ich war durch den Preis anfangs skeptisch, aber die Anlage arbeitet jetzt seit 2 Monaten absolut einwandfrei. Von 23 Grad dh jetzt auf 7 Grad dh eingestellt. Die Einstellung ist etwas umständlich. Leider passt das Netzteil nicht in eine deutsche Steckdose, ein entsprechender Adapter sollte automatisch dazu geliefert werden. Leider habe ich bei Ihnen keine Angebote für einen Anschlussblock mit Absperreinrichtung und entsprechenden Flexschläuchen gefunden. Auch Abwasserseitig liegen keine Schläuche bei bis hin zum Syphon. Mir wäre alles aus einer Firma lieber gewesen.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  41. L. Bachner

    Artikel schnell geliefert, Aufstellung/Einbau relativ einfach. Übersetzte Montageanweisung bzw. Inbetriebnahme für mich (als Laie) nicht ganz verstehbar, so funktioniert mein Gerät von der Einstellungen her auf “gut Glück”. Erst vor kurzem in Betrieb genommen, kann daher keine richtige Bewertung abgeben. Was mich aber jetzt schon stört, die “aggressive” Weise der Herstellerfirma eine (natürlich gute) Rezension unbedingt bekommen zu wollen.

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  42. JP37

    En utilisation depuis 3mois. Après un peu beaucoup de tâtonnement dans les réglage il fonctionne comme désiré chez moi. Le seul problème c’est qu’il y aurai bien besoin d’un abaque plus complet pour pouvoir le réglé avec plus de précision. En gros bon appareil mais doc de M…

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