Water2Buy W2B200 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-4 People | 100% Limescale Removed

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The W2B200 provides complete limescale-free water for a family of 1 – 4 and can generate approximately 1,250 litres of filtered soft water every day. It is engineered for both city and well water. This softener is equipped with an efficient digital meter control so it consumes less salt and water.

The size is 220 X 525 X 650 mm and is suitable for installation in a garage, basement or kitchen cupboard. It connects to your mains water supply and softens water in the entire home. Do allow space for hoses when planning your install. A power source is required, however only a tiny amount of power is consumed annually (Approx 20 euro/pounds).

Built to last, high strength corrosion resistant fiberglass, polyethylene tank, adjustable water hardness, and prefilled premium-grade ionX resin. The pre-fitted bypass valve will maintain optimal water pressure throughout your home. Use the free Water2Buy easyConnect app for easy setup.

Automatic self cleaning: The water softener quietly takes care of itself performing a regeneration cycle automatically when needed. This Meter Softener measures your water usage and only regenerates when necessary, making it more efficient. It regenerates at 3am when the water supply is not in use, so there is no impact on normal water usage. Approximately 37 litres of water is used during a regeneration.

What’s in the box: Water softener, Manual, UK power supply, EU power supply, 3/4inch (22mm) HIGH FLOW connection fittings, bypass valve (pre fitted), bypass lever, silicone

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Water Hardness in Europe

Choosing a Water Softener Made Easy

Start with the number of people it needs to provide soft water for.

We’ve divided our range up by the number of people it will comfortably produce soft water for.

Next, decide where you can fit it in your home. A Water Softener is usually installed where the mains water supply enters the building. That’s usually under the kitchen sink or in the basement. Find out where your water enters your home and measure the space available.

Using this information, you should be left with a shortlist of suitable water softeners, pick the one that suits your budget!

As a rule of thumb, buy the biggest one you can fit and afford, it will have the best lifetime value.

Green V Blue

Blue water softeners are the Pre-2020 range, they are still effective and budget friendly. The green range are our modern more advanced models and come with Smart APP support.

Start here…

Water2Buy W2B200 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-4 People | 100% Limescale Removed

Water2Buy W2B110 Water Softener | Timer Control Softener for 1-4 People | 100% Limescale Removed

Water2Buy W2B500 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-7 People | 100% Limescale Removed

Water2Buy W2B800 Water Softener | Efficient Digital Meter Softener for 1-10 People | 100% Limescale Removed
Number of People 1 - 4 1 - 4 1 - 7 1 - 10
Install Location Kitchen Cupboard, Garage, Basement Kitchen Cupboard, Garage, Basement Garage, Basement Garage, Basement
Litres of soft water generated 1250 1250 1417 3680
Dimensions (mm) W220 X D525 X H650 W220 X D425 X H650 W303 X D570 X H700 W225 X D500 X H1100
Regeneration Type Meter Timer Meter Meter
Mobile App
Fitting Size 3/4 Inch High Flow 3/4 Inch High Flow 3/4 Inch High Flow 1 Inch Mega Flow

Installing a Water Softener Made Easy

Here's the most frequently asked questions when buying a water softener

    • What is Regeneration? Regeneration is the cleaning process where salt is used to wash the resin in your water softener. The resin is the part that actually removes limescale. After regeneration, a water softener can produce its full capacity of soft water without needing to regenerate again. Regeneration is often called backwash. A backwash takes about 30 minutes and usually performs when the water is not in use.
    • What’s The difference between a timer and a meter water softener? ‘Timer’ or ‘Meter’ refers to the regeneration type. A Timer water softener regenerates every few days regardless of water usage. So a timer will always regenerate and use salt even if it’s capable of producing more soft water. This means a timer uses more salt and water than a meter. A Meter Softeners measures your water usage and counts down the soft water capacity it has left. It only performs a regeneration when there is no softening capacity left, making it more efficient.
    • Are their other parts or items required for water softener install? Water2Buy do not include additional items for water softener install as plumbing sizes vary, and you may be able to re-use your existing connections if replacing an old water softener. Here is a list of parts that any standard water softener install will require.
    1. Connection hoses, we recommend steel braided flexible hoses. You’ll need 2 hoses one in and one out.The first hose connects your mains hard water supply to your water softener. The second returns soft water from your water softener to your water system. Buy the same size hoses as your pipes.E.g. If you have 3/4 in pipes, then buy 3/4 hoses and connect them to 3/4 water softener connection fittings.
    2. Water Softener Connection Fittings. The fittings on a water2buy softener are inexpensive and interchangeable. So you can buy different size fittings if you need to. This makes Water2Buy water softeners compatible with all plumbing. Water2Buy water softeners come with 1 set of fittings included, check the listing for the size included.
    3. You will need a waste pipe, the water softener flushes brine out of the waste pipe during its Regeneration.
    4. Over flow pipe, Overflow pipes allow water to overflow to a safe location in case of a malfunction.
    5. By-pass valve. Your local plumbing code may require you to install a by-pass valve before your water softener.A by-pass valve allows you to by-pass the water softener in the event of a problem. Water2Buy Models (W2B180, W2B200, W2B500, W2B780, W2B800) come with a free by-pass valve pre fitted so there is no need to purchase an extra valve or mounting block.
    • Can I drink softened water The acceptable level of Sodium in drinking water is 200Mg per litre While the amount varies a water softener can add about 10Mg per litre. If you are concerned then you can install a filter tap or leave a drinking tap with hard water.

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  1. Jaroslav Holý – Ostrava

    Zaznamenali jsme velký rozdíl u kuchy?ských spot?ebi??. Od instalace zm?k?ova?e vody nemáme v dom? žádný vodní kámen.

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  2. Michael I – Praha

    Tento zm?k?ova? vody mi doporu?il kolega. Nemám co vytknout. Skv?lá cena i domluva.Doporu?uji.

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  3. Matt C.

    I found this product to be the best priced water softener on the market. The website shows clear instructions on how to install the unit yourself. The unit was delivered quickly and safely. I have found the staff a pleasure to deal with. The product was easy to install and set up and works very well, you can feel the difference straight away. I would recommend the product to anyone.

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  4. Jürgen Brandt

    die AS200 funktioniert von Anfang an einwandfrei (läuft jetzt knapp 2 Monate). Wir hatten 23,5 °dH und jetzt 6 °dH (die Verschneidung kann man am Gerät einstellen), keine Kalkflecken mehr. Die Montage gestaltete sich einfach. Es empfiehlt sich auf alle Fälle ein Montageblock mit Verschneideeinrichtung und Probenentnahmehahn vor der Anlage einzubauen. Die Lieferzeit war angemessen. Kleines Problem war das falsche Netzteil (engl. Ausführung). Im Chat mit Water2buy wurde das Problem sofort gelöst. Innerhalb von 5 Tagen war das richtige Netzteil da. Das Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis ist sehr gut und man kann die Anlage bedenkenlos weiterempfehlen.

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  5. wbasemenslc

    J’ai reçu un AS200 il ya environ 4 semaines. Les raccords de plomberie fournis étaient d’une taille standard, mais ne sont pas la taille que je préférais donc j’ai envoyé un courriel Water2Buy et ils ont mis des remplacements dans le poste ce jour-là . L’unité est venu avec un guide clair d’installation / configuration ( il existe d’excellentes vidéos sur leur site web aussi ) et l’installation est rapide et facile et il monté dans une armoire de cuisine . Réglage du régulateur était simple L’unité a commencé à travailler dès qu’il a été tourné sur l’eau, produisant de zéro ppm J’ai envoyé un mail Water2Buy avec un souci qui ils ont traité immédiatement, même m’avoir téléphoné pour s’assurer qu’elle était OK . J’ai trouvé leur service après-vente était excellent , ils étaient aimables et faciles à traiter et ont répondu aux e-mails rapidement.

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  6. Christopher Loxley-Brown

    Excellent equipment, easy to install, 9.5/10 for the instructions. I suggest you purchase a pair of flex tap connectors to go with it rather than faff around with pipework. Instant results. The missus is delighted and so am I. We live in a hard water area (South Surrey) and this transforms the water. Unexpected bonus is how much quieter the float valve becomes on the storage tank, too. The instruction videos are not much help as they are out of date and not detailed enough, but a competent D.I.Y.-er can do this in less than the expected 2 hours. I gave it 5 stars as it is deserved, despite the very minor and wholly negligible niggles. Update 27/03/15; after first regeneration 3 weeks ago, I noticed the water had become harder. I bought testers and, sure enough, it was back to hard water. The problem was, I discovered, that I needed to have added enough water to the brine tank before the first regeneration, as it does not fill before drawing out to recharge the beads. The instructions are not very clear on this point and only state to add a couple of liters. Not enough!! Half fill the brine tank to be sure.

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  7. R.K.

    Die AS200 läuft bei uns jetzt seit 3Monaten – einwandfrei. Die Anlage ist einfach aber solide konstruiert – kein Schnickschnack. Sie tut was sie soll: Wasser enthärten – volumetrisch, abhängig vom Verbrauch und regeneriert sich während der Nacht (einstellbar). Für die Montage sollte man handwerkliches Geschick mitbringen. Für die Suche nach den passenden Fittings und Panzerschläuchen im Internet muss man sich etwas Zeit nehmen – je nach Hausanschluss braucht da jeder sein eigenes Set. Zu empfehlen sind die 1/2″-Adapter für die AS200 – damit diese Anschlüsse nicht zum Nadelöhr werden (Druckabfall bei Wasserentnahme). Die Inbetriebnahme und das Einstellen der Wasserhärte (wir hatten 23dH°, jetzt 5dH°) sind auch recht einfach. Laut Bedienungsanleitung sind über einige Tabellen verschieden Parameter einzustellen. Einzig die Wasserhärte wird nur in PPM angegeben, in Deutschland sind meist dH° üblich – die Umrechnung gibt’s auch im Internet. Den Parameter “Refill” (Zeit zum Nachfüllen) haben wir nach oben korrigiert, da sonst zu wenig Wasser im Solebehälter war. Das Einstellen der Rest-Wasserhärte über das Mischventil braucht ein paar Versuche – Messen, Nachstellen, wieder Messen, wieder Nachstellen… – ist ja aber auch nicht ständig neu einzustellen. Wir haben uns dazu ein Wasserhärte Test-Set gleich mitbestellt. Zur mit gelieferten Bedienungsanleitung ist zu sagen: Könnte besser sein. Ich habe die englische Fassung besser verstanden, als die schlechte deutsche Übersetzung. Inzwischen gibt es eine verbesserte Bedienungsanleitung (als Download von Water2Buy). Die Wirkung der Anlage ist sofort zu spüren: Kaum mehr Flecken auf den Armaturen und Gläsern. Wasserkocher und Perlator (fast) kalkfrei. Kein Enthärter für Waschmaschine und kein extra Salz für die Spülmaschine. Salzverbrauch (bei 2Personen) – ca. 25kg in 3Monaten. Eine tolle Anlage zum Top-Preis – daher 5Punkte.

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  8. mr pesneau christophe

    Que du bonheur. Le mode d emploi est simple à comprendre. Une fois réglé c est en pilote automatique. Mon électroménager l en remercie.

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  9. MR D. BROWN

    A great product and reasonably priced. A few minor queries I had on the product were quickly and efficiently answered by Steve who has time for any query you may have. Great customer service. I have had mine installed for only 4 days and you can feel the difference in the water softness.

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  10. Hermann – Josef Korste

    Da ich selber Installationsmeister bin, habe ich gedacht probier es einfach aus und wenn es nicht meinen Erwartungen entspricht ist der Schaden nicht so hoch. Aber totale Fehlanzeige!!!!!! Das Gerät ist sehr einfach zu Montieren. Die Beschreibung dürfte etwas präziser sein, ist aber für mich kein Problem gewesen. Das Regenerieren findet Nachts automatisch statt und stört überhaupt nicht. Der Erfolg und die Effektivität ist aber für ein Gerät in dieser Preislage überwältigend. Meine Frau und ich sind total begeistert. Wir haben keine Kalkablagerungen mehr in unserem Wasserkocher und es müssen auch keine Töpfe mehr nach dem Eierkochen gescheuert werden, Armaturen und Duschwand haben keine Kalkflecken mehr. Wenn wir heute Tee trinken bleiben unsere Teekanne und Tassen von braunen Schlieren verschont und der Tee schmeckt um ein vielfaches besser. Dieses Gerät können wir nach nur einen Monat Betrieb nur weiter Empfehlen und wir würden es sofort wieder kaufen. Unser Wasser hatte vorher 12° dt. Härte Danke Water2Buy

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  11. Schellhorn,Ingo

    Das Gerät ist super. Wir haben ca. 25 °dh im Trinkwasser, nach dem Gerät nur ca. 15 °dh, das ist sehr gut – hat bis jetzt noch kein Gerät für den Preis geschafft ! Einbau war einfach für mich. Problem ich kann nur deutsch und keine Fremdsprache, also war die Programierung alles andere als einfach für mich und ich bin mir auch nicht sicher ob ich die richtige Einstellung habe. Beispiel, in Deutschland wird die Wasserhärte in Grad Deutsche Härte bestimmt – in der Tabelle der Beschreibung steht aber nur PPM (parts per million), Menü 6 , was stelle ich hier,wenns denn geht, ein ? Dieses Reg.Cap. 06.00 erscheint bei mir nicht im Display. Also hier muß eine viel bessere deutsche Anleitung her. Aber wie gesagt, alle die weiches Wasser möchten – sind mit diesem Gerät, für diesen Preis sehr, sehr gut beraten – ich würde es sofort wieder kaufen !

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  12. Jürgen B.

    Dieses Gerät ist mehr als 50% preiswerter, als vergleichbare Produkte und erfüllt seinen Zweck sehr zufriedenstellend. Man sollte allerdings etwas handwerklich begabt sein, wenn man es selber einbaut. Die Anleitung gibt es in 3 Sprachen (deutsch, englisch, französisch) und ist vom Fachmann geschrieben, also keine Billig-Übersetzung durch ein Übersetzungsprogramm. Ich empfehle allerdings den Zukauf eines Anschlussblocks (3er Ventil-Anschlussarmatur) incl. Flexschläuche aus dem Fachhandel (nicht Lieferbestandteil). Salz gibt es als Abo ganz preiswert bei Amazon. Der Verkäufer Water2buy macht einen versierten Eindruck und antwortet schnell, freundlich, hilfsbereit und kompetent auf Serviceanfragen auf seiner Website, falls es doch mal ein Verständnisproblem gibt. Also, das Gerät erfüllt meine Erwartungen und ich bin bisher sehr zufrieden mit dem Kauf.

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  13. georges wasmes

    Bonjour,conditionnement parfait,suivi du colis en temps et en heure,livré le jour prévu,quand a l’adoucisseur lui même,peu encombrant,notice explicative correcte et simple , l’installation est des plus simple il suffit de suivre les indications et ou de regarder la vidéo sur leur site,vous avez besoin pour le raccordement de 2 flexibles femelles 1/2 pour le raccordement sur l’appareil et a voir sur votre installation existante,le seul bémol est l’absolue nécessité d’acheter une prise Europ/uk,la fiche de l’appareil étant anglaise.mais les résultats sont appréciables, et ce des sa mise en fonction,personnellement,il est installé avant le collecteur de distribution et j’ai donc de l’eau adoucie partout .je suis très content et les electro tels que lave linge,vaisselle sont les premiers bénéficiaires,ainsi que le linge qui est beaucoup plus souple,j’ajoute que ma région a un indice de calcaire très élevé

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  14. MEHU Alexandre

    Fonctionne comme un grand! L’installation est très simple, la régénération manuel est très pratique pour moi qui utilise une rallonge car je n’ai pas de prise à proximité.De plus, c’est le seul produit que j’ai trouvé dans cette dimension.

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  15. Del

    Livraison, installation et fonctionnement depuis un mois sans soucis, le manuel d’utilisation est simple à suivre. L’avantage inattendu de cet adoucisseur est qu’il m’a permis de sélectionner un plombier honnête pour la rénovation de ma cuisine. C’était hilarant d’entendre ces plombiers venant me faire un devis me demander où j’avais acheté cet adoucisseur, se renfrogner au nom d’Amazon, puis me conseiller de le rendre en me menaçant de toutes les catastrophes type grandes eaux, alors que leur adoucisseur à eux était sans reproche – de 2 à 4 fois plus chers mais sur lesquels ils touchent une très forte commission bien sur. Bref, j’ai finalement trouvé un super plombier, qui sans commentaires a été acheté les tuyaux au magasin de bricolage du coin et me l’a installé avec le reste de ma cuisine. Merci Water2Buy, pour les économies et pour la sélection du plombier!

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  16. Gaëtan Racamier

    Installation dans l’emplacement prévu super. Branchement eau normal, électrique transformateur norme anglaise? coup de fil à Amazon le lendemain le Français est là Formidable!. Mise en fonction, bien suivre le mode d’emploi sinon se faire aider .Eau douce immédiatement.

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  17. Nicolas Cacheux

    Je suis très satisfait de mon achat un mois après. Montage en moins d’une heure trente. Effets immédiats ! Cabine de douche, lavabo, toilettes, robinets, qui étaient envahis par le tartre ne présentent aujourd’hui plus aucune trace. L’eau est plus douce et plus agréable au contact de la peau. Je fais confiance à l’entreprise Water2Buy. Leur communication est claire et transparente. Les documents qui accompagnent l’adoucisseur sont complets et clairs. Vous avez en complément des vidéos qui vous assistent dans le montage.

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  18. maggie1965

    I decided on this softener after looking around for a while and im glad I did! Iv read many reviews on how nice soft water is and they’re all right- I couldn’t go without my softener now. My husband installed it in 2 hours and said it was very simple, we have really hard water where we live and a few friends had spent over £1000 on theirs but after we tested both waters ours was softer! Spoke to friendly guy on phone support who helped us before purchasing, can’t recommend them enough!!

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  19. Mrs. J. B. Holmes

    What a relief to have a water softener back…we are in a hardwater area and it makes such a difference my old one lasted years so was a good buy…this one is guaranteed for I think 5 years cant be bad for the money

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  20. Linda L. Pope

    Bought this machine from the local hardware, cannot fault this machine in any way, knocks spots of my previous one. Excellent choice of programs to keep water usage and salt usage to a min, as you can program digital head to suit your own needs, my one will only use 18 liters of water for backwash and 4 bags of salt per year, v good install video on website even if you install any softener there install video would make it easy, i paid 450 pounds for my one

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  21. Lynda Flinn

    this is my 3rd water softener in 28 years . The first one I sold with the house, second sprang a leak in the salt container and could not find a replacement, now this one which is working very well and smaller taking up less space in the laundry. I really found a big difference in the amount of washing liquid, shampoo etc I used when it wasn’t working .. I would not be without one after all these years .

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  22. brittney

    Bought this unit on ebay does exactly what it say customer support good with videos explaining how to install I did not need cover as I installed under sink and would not fit there’s no salt with unit so that’s extra and you’ll have to buy in hardware allso DIY kit is extra

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  23. David Brown

    We live in a very hard water area and have suffered with domestic appliances breaking down through lime scale. We decided to go for a water softener and water2buy came out tops with tougher research on all makes. They have been very helpful with my inquiries as I intended to install it myself, they have an excellent service and delivery. There web site is also very helpful in installing it yourself. A

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  24. Matthew Adcock

    This is an absolute bargain for under £300 your wont get a water softener of this quality any where else. I had it plumbed in and working within under an hour. This has stopped all the lime scale on the shower screen and taps and the wife is over the moon with her soft hair. The softener has been in for two weeks now and the salt level has hardly dropped so economical to run also. would give this 6 stars if this was an option.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  25. PhilB

    Spent quite a bit of time researching the various brands of water softener, including those from suppliers who sell and install (for much greater cost!). Settled on the AS200 as a sensible choice for an average domestic situation. I think I definitely made the right choice as it was quick and easy to install. The unit is small, attractive, appears to be well built and was neat enough to fit in our cloakroom (where the mains water enters the house). Installation of the water supply took about an hour, just cutting out a section of water pipe and fitting a couple of Speedfit elbows. The waste pipe (like any water softener) mustn’t be sited where there can be any backflow of waste/sewage but that wasn’t a problem, so long as there is an air gap between the outlet of the unit’s waste pipe and the drain. Running a power supply wasn’t difficult, especially as the unit only draws minimum power. No experience yet of the long term efficiency of the AS200 but nothing to suggest that there will be anything to criticise; would certainly purchase the unit again, so far. Will update review in a few months once the water softener has been in use for a while. ADDENDUM: not related to the water softener directly but to the effectiveness of its use – I drained down the hot water cylinder and completely de-scaled it prior to installing the water softener as there’s not much point installing an efficient water softener if its softened product then sits in a tank half full of limescale and the benefit is lost. TIP…..getting the limescale out (we’re in a very hard water area) can be a pain as de-scaling solutions only remove half their weight of limescale (we had over 10kg of limescale in the tank !). I worked out the answer by draining the tank and then putting the nozzle of a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner through the immersion heater opening and sucking out all of the limescale, which can take a long time but is cheaper and easier than paying £250 for a new tank (plus the labour cost).

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  26. N. S. Pearce

    Bought this water softener because of the price and other reviews, have to say it works great and was easy to install, would recommend, in fact told a workmate about it and he ordered one straight away, delivery was also very good, would have no problem recommending Water2buy to anyone.

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  27. Mr M J blackbourn

    Very quick delivery (one day). Clear instructions, and dead easy to install. The electronic controller was really easy to set up. As a bonus, this unit also uses less salt than my old unit, that it replaced. All in all, it does what it says on the box, gives you really soft water, and I live in a very hard water area.

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  28. ACustomer

    Ordered Saturday, arrived Monday; amazing. Easy to install and programme. Does what it says on the box at a great price. I might have not spotted it; but you can get 22mm fittings instead of the 15mm ones that came with mine. Not a big deal; but would have been handy. Would certainly buy/use this water softener again.

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  29. DJT

    Very happy with this product. Not too large and a reasonable price – and easy to fit. It doesn’t use as much salt as I expected but checking the softness with a dip tab – it shows the water is very soft – perfect. Not only can I feel the difference – but the shower head is already noticeably less blocked. Impressed – recommended

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  30. R V J Morris

    I received an AS200 about 4 weeks ago. The plumbing fittings supplied were a standard size but were not the size I preferred so I e-mailed Water2Buy and they put replacements in the post that day. The unit came with a clear installation/setup guide (there are excellent videos on their web site too) and the installation was quick and easy and it fitted in a kitchen cupboard. Setting the controller was simple, although ideally you need to know what your water hardness is, I bought some test strips from eBay about £5 (I think your water company can provide this info.). The unit started working as soon as it was turned on producing water with zero ppm (good old test strips) and has regenerated about 3 times now with no problems. I e-mailed Water2Buy with a concern which they dealt with immediately even phoning me to ensure it was OK. I found their after sales service was excellent they were friendly and easy to deal with and responded to e-mails promptly.

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    Very pleased with the purchase….a real bargain this year. Does require some expertise to connect up to the water system. Very impressed with the customer service also – rang me afterwards to ensure all was in order. Would recommend this water softener!

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  32. T J Colledge

    Fantastic service from Steven, personal attention to my order and advice on programming (I’m a dummy!). The product is both easy to connect and automatic in use, my old softener failed and this one was a very attractive price and performs perfectly. Easily fits below sink. Will recommend to all my friends.

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  33. Customer

    Softener has been up and running for a couple of weeks now. Managed to install in a 300mm wide base unit cupboard. Water has gone from being very hard ( ~360 ppm ) to completely soft. After 15 years of such hard water, it’s great to longer have to worry about scale everywhere. Following installation, I went around the house descaling taps, kettle, shower screens etc and all have stayed pristine since. I am very pleased with this product. Steven from Water2Buy has given excellent customer service with a couple of queries I had. A few points people may wish to know: Power supply is rated at 12V / 650 mA. This would pull 18 Watts max but in normal operation it is significantly less than this, it barely registers on my wattmeter, making it economical to run. Unit is metered. This means that regeneration only occurs when it’s needed and so salt will not be wasted. Water2Buy have posted various instructional videos on Youtube covering installation and troubleshooting.

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  34. I.F.

    Seit 2 Monaten im Einsatz zeigt das Gerät bereits zufriedenstellenden Erfolg. Von 20dH° auf 7dH° reduziert sind keine Kalkablagerungen auf Armaturen und Wasserkocher zu sehen. Das Gerät war schnell und ohne Probleme zu installieren. Das einzige Manko war der englische Stecher – konnte jedoch mit einem Adapter für 6 € gelöst werden. Alles in allem ein Top Gerät zu einem äußerst günstigen Preis

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  35. Olof Scholten

    In Forchheim Bayern ist die Wasserhärte über 20. Nachdem wir dieses Gerät installiert haben ist der Wert 5. Wasser schmeckt nicht Salzig und Geräte bleiben länger Funktionsfähig. Investition hat sich in jedem Fall gelohnt.

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  36. Kunde

    Klasse Gerät, schnelle Lieferung funktioniert prima.Einzigstes Manko am Gerät lässt sich leider die Menü Sprache nicht auf Deutsch einstellen und man benötigt einen Adapter für die Stromzufuhr.

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  37. b j baylis

    I brought this softener to replace a previous one,mainly because it had a metered use system rather than just by days,therefore more economical.It was easy to fit and the one small problem i had was resolved quickly via a phone call. We are in a hard water area and the use of a water softener makes a vast difference to washing clothes and personal use.Great item,thoroughly recommended.

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  38. Mrs C L Ryan

    I bought this water softener after plenty of on line research – I wanted a product that suited a household for a family of 4, was slimline to fit in our cupboard and of course I wanted the best price. The price seemed to good to be true and I was slightly nervous about buying this softener but after reading all of the reviews, decided it was a good buy. It arrived within 3 days. The softener itself was easy to install (by my father) but he did need help in programming it. He received fantastic telephone support from Steven at Water2buy who talked him through what he needed to do – he spent a good half an hour or more sorting it out for us, an excellent service. Whilst I can’t yet comment on the performance of the softener, so far so good and I would highly recommend this Company.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  39. Andy Archer

    I fitted my new AS200 water softener all as the instructions and it was so simple, but I could not get the regeneration program to start, so emailed the company within 10 minutes they phoned me back we went through the program instructions over the phone and all was sorted GREAT SERVICE now have really soft water

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  40. S J Harrison

    Great product, easy to install and working perfect. Would recommend seller as great comms and quick delivery

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  41. ian lingwood

    This is our first water softener, a really good product – makes a big difference. The service was really good and, having looked around, the price was very keen too. The most impressive thing was that I got a courtesy callto make sure everything was OK. No hesitation in recommending these people.

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  42. Mrs F.

    Excellent service, fast delivery and product working just how it should. Would highly recommend.

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  43. ivan hunter

    Excellent quality and value. Best of all, I had a querie about re-gen, and telephoned Water to Buy. I was answered by a human being and was told that an engineer would phone. Without any fuss the engineer called. He asked me to press bottons on thr programmer and give the readings. He assured me that all was correct, and it was. Very pleased and satisfied

    Was this review helpful to you?
  44. Frank Holmes

    Very pleased with this softener. We have had it installed for over two months now. It was easy to fit and has made a real difference to the water supply. No more limescale build up on shower heads, taps or other appliances. It has done exactly what the product description said it would and does the job for a family of five.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  45. Rod Locke

    Had this for 2 months now and I am very happy with it. Works well and easy to run. Unit comes factory set, thats perfect for UK. Fitting need to be connected in line with mains water supply. I fitted it myself and used flexy tap connectors from my PTS plum store. You will need to turn water off in the road, cut the mains water pipe in the house from road and run through water sofner and then connect back to other end going into house. Using the flexy tap connectors makes it easy. Take the black fittings from the softener ( in & out ) with you to the store, tell them the size of your mains water pipe and you are away. Local plumbers charge about £120.00 to fit min! so watch out. All the best Rod

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  46. hector and harvey

    brought this to replace a very expensive 2 chamber block salt water softener which liked to let salt water out every now and then , have had this for over a year now and decided time was right to give my opinion, very please with it, easy to follow instructions and best price I could find at time, delivery also excellent, many thanks for a great product.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  47. Macca

    I bought this water softner back in May and it is an excellent performer. I had a few questions on installation so emailed the company and they responded straight away. I would recommend this product and for the price you can’t lose.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  48. P. Wells

    A good product and a good sales after service. I installed my water softener myself with little difficulty after watching the video. Fitting the brine suction tube was a little unclear in the instructions but other than that everything was straight forward. Nine months on everything is working fine.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  49. Colin Dowding

    Easy to install and use, apart from topping up with salt can forget it is there. Have had the water softener for six months and it has made a big difference; everything stays clean in the bathroom and kitchen, no more lime scale also, I had a problem with my skin drying out this has completely disappeared since using the water softener, Very pleased would recommend this product, great value for money.

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  50. gregory mackay

    Really good product. Easy to install. Very good customer care service too.

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  51. Paul Dudley

    I have suffered hard water forever and the consequences that come with that, i.e. replacing kettles every couple of years, scaled up taps, limescaled hot water cylinder ( adding to my already spiralling energy costs). I know about these things as a recently retired Gas/Heating engineer. So I bit the bullet and purchased the water softener, what a result. I chose the Water2Buy unit, the cost was lower than most, so I had certain reservations but all were unfounded. Just to prove how good these things are I have a glass kettle which was covered in limescale. Within 3 weeks it was clear of all residue and looked like new, I thought my wife had cleaned the kettle and she thought that I had done it. If your suffering with hard water I recommend you seriously consider buying one.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  52. Dan A.

    This was our first experience of a water softener and before buying we were a little unsure as to if we needed one or not. But after reading around and looking at various manufacturers we settled on an AS200 from Water2Buy as it had great reviews around the web, is much more affordable than most of it’s competitors and Water2Buy had a great reputation for quality and support. I’m so glad we did! Installation was a breeze as was configuring the units settings. We’re now enjoying all the benefits of the soft water and hope to never have to go back to hard water again. If you’re like I was and not sure as to whether it’s worth it and you’re in a hard water area I can honestly say it is! We’re using less detergents, our plates are cleaner and showering is a luxury. Highly recommended.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  53. Rado

    Arrived in good time and easy to install under the sink. We have noticed a difference already as there is no limescale residue on our tap and shower screen like we had before. Awaiting to see how well in the long term our washing machine, dishwasher and central heating perform. Overall we are pleased with our purchase.

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  54. evanspj

    A nice bit of kit from a company committed to customer service at a great price.Any problems contact Steven who will guide you through the process and replace any parts damaged by the courrier, namely the top or hood of the unit.In Steven you have the fountain of all knowledge, he will guide you through the process and make the plumbers life a breeze installing this marvellous bit of kit. I would definately recommend water2buy to all my friends and family, a top company with a huge customer service committment.

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  55. Customer

    Excellent purchase – reside in a hard water area and immediately felt the benefits of the as200 watersoftener. Only one question on the menu settings quickly resolved by Steve by way of email

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  56. Y.W. Lam

    I bought this based on the good reviews especially about the after sales support to replace my 4 year old infamous Waterside MC450. The unit arrived in 3 days. It came with a pair 1/2 ” connectors. The normal washing machine hosts use 3/4″. I emailed Water2buy via Amazon. A gentleman “Steve” replied immediately and promised to send me the required connectors. It arrived two days later, connected it up and everything runs smoothly. Absolutely 1st class for customers support. (Thank you Steve!) Perhaps they should include the 3/4″ adaptors, it would save a lot of time and effort. I cannot comment about the reliability of the unit, only time will tell. But it seems to be reasonably well built for the price. It has a built-in bypass manifold, so if you never had a water softener before, it certainly helps, making the installation very simple. I do recommend this product to anyone who wants a water softener.

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  57. chris styles

    Quick deliverey, good price for product, easy to set up and use and doesn’t take up to much space, the only difficulty I found in the product was the bypass assembly with the O RINGS on, it took a few attempts for me to push them in far enough to put back the red fastners so it didn’t leak, it seems to be working ok though. Would buy again.

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  58. J. B. Jones

    Instructions were a little bit vague, but the people at the company could not be more helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask

    Was this review helpful to you?
  59. Mel

    so far 5 stars ! Delivered in 3 days with broken lid, but after a call to customer service, a new one delivered shortly. It took about 5 hours to install, . This is a total time, including pop in to local plumbers shop for about 1 hour and installing a new water filter as well :). We decide to make it with an extra valve , so we can just turn it off in case of fault , repair or replace. Also , it`s connected to main pipes, leading to dishwasher and washing machine and to the water tank, but not to water we use for garden and car wash. We are family of 4, and there is a water tank under the roof, so soft water was in taps after 24 – 28 hours. Glasses from dishwasher – finally spotless, Feeling on skin and hair is amazing. Laundry – fragrant. Bathroom shine ! Water hardness dropped from 400 to 40. Excellent customer service !

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  60. Antonio Madla

    Water softener works perfectly fine. I would recommend to buy this product.

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  61. mark hodgskin

    had this softener for about 4 weeks now and am very pleased with it so far .easy to install , unobtrusive and easy to set up after installation .we live in a hard water area and this has changed considerably since fitted to nice feeling soft water and reduction in limescale . Would definitely recommend

    Was this review helpful to you?
  62. Mr David Legge

    I took advantage of the free UK delivery. The unit was very well packed and travelled back home in our small car. As a DIY enthusiast, I found it easy to plumb in and the instructions included were very sensible. Now we have softened water throughout. The basins keep clean and my wife’s hair needs less attention by the hairdresser! No problems – thank you Water2Buy. David, Guernsey

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  63. Charles P Arthur

    Excellent neat product. Functions as described. Great customer service. Easy to fit.

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  64. Dave 65

    Great little water softener. We have had this installed now for just over 3 weeks and have no complaints. It was very easy to install. I installed mine in the garage as this was the most convenient place. It took about an hour and that was with re-jigging the plumbing. We have three people in our house and our water is at 300ppm hardness so the softener regenerates about once every three to five days depending on how many times we use the washing machine!! I estimate 25kg of salt should last 4-6 weeks. The softener looses no water pressure so great for our combi boiler. I didn’t use the 22mm upgrade on the fittings as the 15mm ones supply adequate water pressure. All I all I would highly recommend.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  65. Terry Symonds

    Great product it’s made a lot of difference in our house

    Was this review helpful to you?
  66. Anthony D.

    Excellent quality item at a good price. Quickly delivered.

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  67. Richard

    Arrived promptly, easily fitted with standard DIY skills, operational and doing a great job. Remember to check the size of softener required by knowing the hardness of the water in your area (easily available on-line from your water provider) and the amount of water usage expected (generally the size of your family). This model does fit under the sink, but it’s tight (easier to install if the false drawer in your kitchen sink unit is removable – assuming that’s where your incoming mains water is)

    Was this review helpful to you?
  68. R E Davis

    The softener which is replacing an old one is working well and water softness is to expectations. I have been away on holiday but will now be monitoring the softness of the water over the next few weeks. Delivery was prompt and the few queries I had during installation were responded to promptly and satisfactorily.

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  69. Pete B

    It does the job it was intended for. However, if you are doing the fitment yourself, you will need to see what additional parts you require for the area you intend to fit it in (ie flexi pipes, connectors etc) and if you want the extended warrenty you need to apply within 3 days of receiving it (did not find this out until I went on line to the water2buy web site) But apart from that, the water sofetner is begining to work (takes time for the pipework ect to clear).

    Was this review helpful to you?
  70. Customer

    Very pleased with the purchase. We are low water users so buying, and approptiately programming, a metered softener is very economical on the salt as it only runs the clean cycle when needed. After fitting made an effort to clean off the years of lime scale and the great news is it hasn’t come back. Not had any trouble so difficult to rate watertobuy, though based on other reviews and the limited correspondence am confident that if there had been an issue or if advice ad been needed then help would have been forthcoming. Had to discard the slightly flimsy blue cover in order to squeeze in under sink, but this was no big loss and not having the cover makes it easier to see the controls and get at the salt reservoir.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  71. Mrs V Stacey

    We recently bought this water softener to replace our old Fountain one that we had had for about 30 years and had finally given up the ghost. Delivery was excellent we received within a few days and apart from having to alter the plumbing slightly the fitting was no problem. Watching the video to set it up is a must as the times are different to the manual. Our first thoughts were it seemed a bit flimsy compared to our old one but I suppose it is the same with most modern things and it certainly doesn’t affect Its performance in any way. We had a little hiccup after a couple of weeks after the electric went off we didn’t realise that the settings all reverted back premusably to the factory settings anyway after a phone call the problem was easily sorted out I do think this could be set out clearer in the manual but apart from that we cannot praise it too highly and it is far more efficient than the old one ever was Thankyou for your excellent service and we would certainly recommend this item 100%

    Was this review helpful to you?
  72. Ladislav Boška – Uherský Brod

    Rozhodla lepší cena na trhu a kvalitativní provedení výrobku. Sprchový kout je te? naprosto ?istý. Ur?it? doporu?uji.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  73. fernanda torris

    Très facile à monter grâce à la vidéo Penser à ouvrir les vannes car sur le plan le montage est très bien expliqué mais manque de détail sur l’utilisation Après 1 mois d’utilisation nous sommes ravi !!! En effet plus aucun calcaire c’est impressionnant !!!! Et pour un prix défiant toute concurance !!! Je le conseille !!!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  74. Paul A Young

    Read the reviews and decided to give it a go. Came very quickly with good installation instructions. Did not take very long to fit under the sink, only took up the space of the old pedal bin. Fitted a small worktop tap for drinking water and plumbed in easily using the fittings provided. Set it up to clean at 3.00 am and have yet to hear this process. Check water hardness every time the salt is refilled; this uses less than I thought it would. All sinks and taps much easier to clean and no longer use the calgon tablets in the cashing machine. We are extremely pleased with the unit and is very good value for money when you look at other products. Has been in two months and do not know it is there. An excellent product.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  75. Customer

    After much research we bought this water softener as it offered a good quality product at a great price. The unit was delivered before the estimated date and our plumber fitted the unit with ease. We now have beautifully soft water with all the benefits that brings, shiny taps, super clean washing and improved complexions to name but a few, we recommend this water softener without hesitation.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  76. r fenn

    Had a problem to begin with and wanted advice / different fittings (elbows instead of the straight inlet and outlet fittings supplied). Sent 2 emails and one phone call when I was promised an engineer would ring me that day. Nothing heard after 2 weeks, felt this was not good enough and wrote a review giving 1* as not possible to give zero. Nothing wrong with the softener unit, it was easily fitted and set up… just different fittings would mean it fitted in the cupboard easier and more neatly. Out of the blue 16 days after fitting I received a call from Stephen at Water2buy, a standard courtesy call apparently made to all new purchasers to check how the unit was running and to ask whether any problems….. Told him of my experiences so far, he could not have been more apologetic and promised he would investigate what had gone wrong in my case, and in the meantime send the new fittings requested together with a complimentary bag of salt. So all is now well and I am now a very happy customer.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  77. Mrs W.

    I am extremely pleased with my water softener, my plumber said it was very well made and was surprised ( favourably ) at the price I had paid, the 7 year warranty is very good, and is correct in spite of the paperwork saying it is 1 year with the option of paying for extra. I have had very good response to the many e/m’s I have had to send, and do believe as the company is new and getting off the ground it has had some teething problems, I wish them well. I am so pleased to have my softened water back.

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  78. Claire

    The lid was broken when it arrived but it was replaced without any problems. This is the second one we have ordered and we are happy with it and how it works.

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  79. Suzysue

    Arrived quickly, easy to install and works well. Good value for money compared to other water softeners.

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  80. Sheila R

    Excellent product and and speedy service, would definitely use Water2buy again.

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  81. zukan

    To me, every purchase I make is dependent on after sales support and Steve from Water2buy is a prime example to the industry of what customer support is. Immediate response and incredibly helpful. The product is a no brainer of a purchase and you get exemplary service with it. What more could a consumer ask for? Steve, on a personal note: thank you for all that you have done.

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  82. J. Latteur

    I wanted to replace my old Waterside MC250 as it was getting old and temperamental. I think it was a clever piece of equipment but too complicated and, therefore, prone to going wrong. I searched for comparison and really found it hard to have unbiased independent reviews on water softeners. I found this one on Amazon and it had all the specs I wished (metered, salt tablets, only one tank…) for the right price. I read the Amazon reviews and went for it as it is the only one I have some customer reviews on… It is simple and efficient. Steve is, as stated in the preview reviews, very kind and helpful. I made the right choice!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  83. neil hardy

    Good value for the money easy to follow instructions very pleased

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  84. david harrop

    very pleased with this product and with the service from this company

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  85. Mrs. C. L. Denchfield

    This is a brilliant piece of equipment, we now have the water that we have need for so long, and I am not worried about giving a drink to the children, I would recommend this to my friends and family, do not hesitate to get one it will make things all the better, washing machine, kettle, shower, heating, would benefit from it, I cannot wish for anything better, many thanks for my better lifestyle

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  86. Hidden

    Great service, easy to install and set up, water softened in days, excellent product

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  87. Bill Downie

    Excellent product. Does everything it should do. For those of you worrying about the 1/2″ fittings, just get two “outside tap – Hozelock type connectors” from £1 shop, and use the 1/2″ to 3/4″ adapters supplies with it. Then you can use standard 3/4″ hoses.

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  88. Gemma Graham

    We bought this product due to the hard water in our area, and it has worked a treat! It has made a noticeable difference to our bathrooms which would always show the limescale. Very happy with the product And the aftercare services we received and would highly recommend water2buy.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  89. zahir

    Replaced a 15 year old MC250 that stopped working. Used the hose lock adaptors (mentioned in a previous review) and they worked fine up and running in 3 hours as the existing pipework only needed some minor adjustments. Will see how good the product is over the next few weeks but so far so good.

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  90. len raynsford

    Excellent product quick delivery

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  91. Kunde

    Nach langem überlegen und reichlichem Vergleichen hab ich mich für die AS200 entschieden, warum?! In unserem Haushalt haben wir eine Wasserhärte von 18 dH (321ppm), was auf die Lebensdauer meiner Duschbrause (Regenbrause) und den Untertischboiler geht, der ist im Schnitt alle 4 Jahre ein Opfer des Kalkes. Seit zwei Jahren ist nun im Keller ein 200l Warmwasserboiler installiert und der wird wohl auch nicht ewig halten bei der Wasserhärte, also muß eine Enthärtungsanlage her, nur welche? Es gibt viele Anbieter, doch 1600€ und mehr waren mir einfach zuviel, da in meinem Fall nochmals ca. 600€ Installationsmaterial dazu kommen, da einiges umgebaut werden muss. Nach langer Suche entschied ich mich dann für die AS 200 da, die Größe für unseren Haushalt (ca. 500l Wassser/Tag) ausreichend ist, da ich ja nicht auf 0 dH, sonder um 10 dH enthärten will, und sich dadurch die Menge des zur Verfügung stehenden Wassers fast verdoppelt zur Herstellerangabe, da sich diese ja auf 0 dH bezieht. Für die „Verschneidung“ hab ich mir ein Anschlussset bestellt. So nun zu Verkäufer und dem Produkt Versand war flott und kam ohne Transportschäden an Es war ein UK-Netzgerät dabei, das hab ich gewusst deshalb hab ich mir gleich einen Adapter bestellt, hätt ich mir aber sparen können, da ein Adapter kostenlos nachgeschickt wurde. Als ich mich beim Verkäufer per e-mail (über die Amazon seite) dafür bedankte und ihm sagte das ich es schade finde das mann 3/4 Anschlüsse nur direkt über die HP-water2buy Bestellen kann, wurden mir prompt welche kostenlos nachgeschickt, obwohl ich sagte das ich schon welche direkt bestellt hab, freut mich trotzdem, so hab ich welche in Reserve falls bei der Montage was danebengehen sollte. Kleines Manko, bei 2 von 6 gelieferten Anschlussstücken fehlte eine O-Ring Dichtung, aber das ist in meinem Fall verschmerzbar da ich ja 2 Stück gratis bekam. Werde in den nächsten Wochen die Anlage in betrieb nehmen und werde dann ein Update bringen. Zum Verkäufer kann ich nur sagen, daß er sehr bemüht war. Wenn die Anlage das hält was sie verspricht dann bleiben die 5 Sterne.

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  92. Albert Friedl

    Das Gerät macht einen robusten Eindruck. Es ist seit etwa 5 Wochen problemlos in Betrieb. Water-buy hat unaufgefordet und kostenlos ein Netzteil mit Euro-Stecker nachgeliefert. Die Installation und Inbetriebnahme kann man mit etwas handwerklichem Geschick selber durchführen. Das Gerät reduziert die Wasserhärte auf 0. Durch Zumischung habe ich mein Wasser auf Waserhärte 6 eingestellt. Die Bedienungsanleitung auf Deutsch ist etwas holprig, ich bin aber doch damit zurechtgekommen. Ich kann das Gerät weiterempfehlen

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  93. Ingo Sande

    Wir haben das Gerät nun ca. einen Monat im Betrieb, und ich muß sagen, daß der Wasserenthärter super funktioniert. Nach relativ einfacher Installation , haben wir nun endlich weiches Wasser. Auf Anhieb von 23°dH auf 0°dH. Mittels Verschneideblock allerdings auf 6° dH eingestellt. Die allnächtliche Regeneration bekommen wir gar nicht mit und der Wasserverbrauch mit ca. 8 Liter pro Regeneration ist wohl absolut in Ordnung.Wir sind also begeistert und freuen uns über keine Kalkflecken mehr.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  94. amadiolino

    L’addolcitore è stato montato e messo in funzione da un Idraulico esperto nel campo, tutto funziona zenza problemi, Saluti Lino..

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  95. L. Robson

    Exactly what we wanted

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  96. John R P Stubbs

    A very affordable water softener, once plumbed in it works perfectly, the manual is not the best but after a bit studying you can figure out what needs doing

    Was this review helpful to you?


    Was this review helpful to you?
  98. Grant Roberts

    Easy to fit and just works, its better than my last one that cost twice as much

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  99. Ian Scaife

    an excellent product, received item next day, fitting simple. does exactly what it says on the box.

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  100. Nicky

    I love this and it works instantly. My builder who has plumbing experiance did find it a bit hard to install but got there in the end. you can feel the difference as soon as you get in the bath.

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  101. freerudi

    After two months of operation I am completely satisfied by the performance of this water softener. This was used to replace another water softener that I had for 12 years and where the resin had failed – apparently this is to be expected. I had to purchase some adaptors to go from 15mm to 22mm (I could have got these from the vendor but was in a hurry to get the system up and running again). Read the instructions very carefully – I got caught out by not opening the inlet valves! Also the instructions that are online for the settings are the de facto ones. Water is now soft again and regenerates the resin on time to keep the water soft. Used in a household with 2 adults and 2 teenagers. Salt usage appears to be similar to my previous water softener which was acceptable to me. Hopefully it will continue to operate for another 12 years!

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  102. Nicholas ottery

    Took the plunge and purchased one. Reason for this. Removed toilet pan and cistern for new replacement. Toilet had been backing up for years. Not flushing away. Thought it was stuff being put down that was blocking it.Could not believe when i looked into u bend of the toilet pan. It had been reduced from around 90mm to 50mm. Layers of scale. Also in shower areas. the pipework, taps and valves were tarnished with scale. Since we have had water softner installed. Every thing is nice and shiny, shower roses,taps, valves and pipework. The washing machine, dishwasher and cistern valves should hopefully be free of scale now. We did have a leak on ours. It was noticed after a couple of months after installment. After communicating with Ware2buy they posted a replacement part which we fitted. everything is all ok now. I left my details in the sales department and they would get Steve to phone us back. It might not be straight away.We also communicated by email. Steve was very reassuring and very help full. Especially in initially setting up the machine. We still got hard water going to kitchen, bathroom and outside taps for drinking.

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  103. Richard Conroy

    Excellent product – easy to install and water now feels lovely. Great customer service – received a phone call the same day regarding a menu setting I didn’t understand. Thanks Water2buy.

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  104. Thomas Meier

    Die Lieferung erfolgte sehr schnell, alles war gut verpackt und vollständig wie beschrieben. Einige Dinge mehr braucht man dann doch, und das Zubehör hab ich dann auch bei Amazon erstanden. Die Beschreibung ist etwas irreführend, aber dank Google war dann auch bald alles geklärt. Selber montieren wollte ich es aber nicht. Das Zubehör, und weitere notwendige Dinge wie Druckminderer etc.brachten den Endpreis dann doch auf knapp 850€. Dafür ist das Wasser toll, und wir sind vollauf zufrieden. Der Salzverbrauch ist sehr gering, in 4 Wochen war eine Regeneration. review image

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  105. Kunde

    Einfach genial!! Schnelle Lieferung! Handliches Produkt! Einfache Programmierung, wenn auch nicht in Deutsch. Vollkommen ausreichend für einen 2-4 Personenhaushalt; Auch wenn beim Gerät ein UK-Netzteil beiliegt, das deutsche Netzteil wurden auf Anforderung direkt kostenlos nachgeliefert. Den Anschluss der Wasserleitung habe ich nicht über die angebotenen Regler sondern über separate Kugelhähne vorgenommen. Diese vergammeln nicht so schnell und lassen sich leichter bedienen. Den Water2Buy AS200 kann ich jedem Paar empfehlen.

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  106. bravo

    vraiment trés satisfait de cet adoucisseur aucun probléme pour l’instalation,réglage trés simple, bon produit pour son prix je le recommande

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  107. ingolf egerer

    Hatte eine Wasserhärte von 23 , bin jetzt bei 10. Der AS200 steht im Keller und ist nicht unmittelbar nach der Wasseruhr angeschlossen. Den Keller eingeschlossen sind es 4 Etagen und an der letzten Entnahmestelle habe ich auch eine Wasserhärte von 10. Habe den AS200 auch schon weiterempfohlen. Anschließen und Inbetriebnahme problemlos.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  108. Brian J T Huggett

    Has made a huge difference to our water quality in an area of very hard water. Previously streaked shower screens now crystal clear, lime scale build up on shower and on taps and toilets a thing of the past. Scum build up in baths and sinks gone. Showering is a real pleasure with the softer water – feel cleaner! Installation, professionally done, was quick and easy, but would have benefitted from pipes being either included or made clearer that they were not supplied an needed to be ordered separately. Fitted neatly into a snug space. Wish I had bought one years ago!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  109. Ratnajit

    Excellent product n very supportive call center. Steven also helped me with a replacement 22 mm connector and 22 mm hoses instead of the default 15mm ones for my AS200 model as per the advise of my plumber. Would strongly recommend

    Was this review helpful to you?
  110. Richard Owen –

    I will install myself. 10

    Was this review helpful to you?
  111. Geoff Martin – Hitchin

    so easy I installed it myself

    Was this review helpful to you?
  112. Peter Mason – Seaford

    Self installed in 1.5 hrs

    Was this review helpful to you?
  113. sean o neill – ratoath co meath

    my son installed it for me

    Was this review helpful to you?
  114. david wright – ilford

    i did it myself

    Was this review helpful to you?
  115. John Curry – Suffolk

    Installed it myself

    Was this review helpful to you?
  116. Derek Hammond – faversham

    Installed it myself

    Was this review helpful to you?
  117. Brian Toombs – La Marina Alicante Spain

    Installed it myself – replacing older and larger unit so plumbing connections already there – so cost at all.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  118. Tom Adams – Kent

    Installed it myself!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  119. carl humphries – newent glos

    installed it myself – was a replacement

    Was this review helpful to you?
  120. Alexandra Pammer

    Habe die AS200 jetzt ein Monat in betrieb bin sehr zufrieden. Habe sie auf 7dh eingestellt vorher 17dH.Lieferung super auch der Netzadapter kam ca nach 1Woche nachgeliefert.Montage und Programmierung einfach .Man braucht sich nur das Anschluss-Set für die Wasserenthärtungsanlage dazu bestellen.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  121. Peter C. Schweiger

    Anlage wurde für das gesamte Haus von uns selbst nach beiliegender, recht ausführlicher Anleitung montiert. Klappte ohne Probleme, alles recht gute Qualität. Sehr hilfreich waren auch die erklärenden Videos dazu auf der Webside der Herstellerfirma aus Dublin. Die Entkalkung arbeitet zuverlässig in der Nacht, und erst, sobald nötig, je nach Wasserverbrauch. Der jeweilige Zustand und die Einstellungen sind auf dem Display gut abzulesen. Damit haben wir zu einem sehr günstigen Preis das Problem mit unserem extrem kalkhaltigem Wasser gelöst, das im Haus viel Ärger machte und sogar Schäden verursachte. Salzverbrauch ist ebenfalls verbrauchsabhängig, je nach Wassermenge. Über die Lebensdauer des Ionentauschers lässt sich naturgemäß noch nichts sagen. Sie dürfte aber im Bereich ähnlicher, oft doppelt so teurer Anlagen liegen. Wir sind unsere “Kalk-Sorgen” also los und sehr zufrieden.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  122. Nikolaus Sthör

    das Gerät AS 200 ist seit einem Monat im einsatz und funktioniert einwandfrei, von 20dH hat er auf null geschaft! Da 0 dH nicht empfelenswert ist, habe auf 5 dH über das Ventil eingestellt. Die Instllation war nicht schwer, mit etwas handwerklichem Geschick ist für jeden machtbar. Die Lieferung erfolgte ca. nach eine Woche, was ich auch in Ordnung fiende. Bei der Lieferung war Eurostecker mit dabei, leider das obere Blaue Deckel ist beschedigt worden. Nach einen Imail und Foto von beschedigten Deckel an Water2bay würde sofort, und ohne Fragen neus geliefert. Gute und Freundliche Service ! Für diesen Preis ist das Gerät AS 200 einfach Supper und empfelenswert, er macht was er machen soll, wir haben im ganzem Haus Kalkfreies Wasser Bis jezt bin seher zufrieden.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  123. K. Pö

    Das Produkt ist preiswert und gut! Die Firma kann ich nur weiterempfehlen! Das Gerät beötigt ein Netzteil das auch beigepackt ist. Leider hat es einen englischen Stecker (was auchdurchaus verständlich ist da es ja aus England kommt) – unaufgefordert kam 2 Tage später ein zusätzliches kostenfreies mit einem europäischen Stecker versehenes Netzteil in’s Haus. (Sensationell). Auch bei technischen Anfragen wurde in einer Stunde geantwortet! Wenn ich noch etwas benötige werde ich sicher hier wieder einkaufen

    Was this review helpful to you?
  124. Ghibli

    Reçu ce matin l’adoucisseur avec 3 jours d’avance sur la date annoncée. Contrairement à ce que j’ai pu lire, le produit est parfaitement emballé et cerise sur le gâteau, un 2ème transporteur m’a livré gratuitement un adaptateur made in France (avec un sachet de bonbons “Aribo”. . . St Valentin peut être . . . mais je suis un peu fleur bleue, en tout cas c’est plutôt sympa; merci Steven, chargé de clientèle chez Water2buy). J’ai lu la notice et le mode opératoire semble évident, donc annule et remplace le précédent plutôt encombrant . . . Y a plus qu’à !

    Was this review helpful to you?
  125. lionel depasse

    super produit.facile à installer.déjà réglé à la livraison.je le conseille sincérement.je ne regrette pas mon achat. on fait des économies de produit et on protege les appareils menager

    Was this review helpful to you?
  126. Client

    Super produits nous avons rencontré de gros problèmes de livraison et le sav nous en a expédié un autre en changeant de transporteurs puis la prise étant une fiche anglaise le sav nous a envoyé la prise françaises en seulement 3 jours super sav chapeau pour l’installation rien de plus simple et tt et deja pres réglé juste a metre a leur et il fais son boulot on peux acheter les ieux fermé et super rapport qualité prix

    Was this review helpful to you?
  127. Jay

    Hallo Zusammen, habe die Anlage nun 1 Monat im Betrieb. Ist alles bestens ich habe ein Einfamilienhaus mit 2 Bewohnern. Hatt eine dh 24 nun dh 3. Einbau war leicht. Kleiner tipp auf den Shop von Water2Buy bekommt man die Flexschläuche und Adapter viel Günstiger als in Deutschland. Mir wurde das Englische Netzteil geschickt. War für mich kein Problem da meine Telefonladestationen solche adapter dabei hatten. Allerdings wurde mir sogar ohne Aufforderung das richtige Netzeil Zugeschickt. Sehr guter Service. Ich hatte mir bei den Preis nicht so viel erwartet. Aber man kann sagen, das gerät arbeitet genau so gut wie die Anlage die ich zuvor drin hatte. Und diese hat 1900€ Gekostet und hat nach 3 Jahren den Dienst quittiert. Wer seine Trinkwasser Anlage schützen will und Teuere Schäden im TWW Speicher vermeiden will. Den kann ich das auf jedenfall Empfehlen. Dazu kommt noch das die Frau weniger zum Putzen hat 😛 und man die zeit besser mit ihr nutzen kann ;-).

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  128. user

    Einfach Super! Nach langer Suche habe dieses Produkt gefunden. Ich kann zu 100% weiterempfehlen! nach 2 Wochen in Betrieb sind wir von der Wasserqualität begeistert vorher 26dh, jetzt inkl. Verschneidung 6dh nach 3 bis 4 Tagen wird eine Automatische Spülung durchgeführt

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  129. W Hk

    Seit Lieferung bis zur Aufstellung sind wegen anderen Bauarbeiten einige Wochen vergangen.Bei der Montage gab es keinerlei Probleme,auch ist die Installationsanleitung sehr gut verständlich, einschließlich Progmmieranleitung.Habe 6dH eingestellt. Bis zu einer abschließenden muß ich noch einige Tage warten. (Hatte bereits 30 Jahre lang ein anders Gerät das defekt war, und für heutige Verhältnisse viel zu groß.

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  130. Client

    Produit de bonne qualité, livré en 2 jours, explications claires pour l’installation et cerise sur le gâteau ils m’ont même envoyé quelques jours après sans l’avoir demandé le chargeur pour les prises européennes

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  131. caravane043

    livraison rapide et service commercial irreprochable, le bloc alimentation adapté pour europe arriver automatiquement et raccord suplementaire (22mm) fournit sur demande, tres bon service . a reccomander, publicité faite dans mon entourage

    Was this review helpful to you?
  132. Stephan

    Bon produit. Je suis satisfait. Le produit fonctionne correctement pendant deux mois. L’installation a été facile. Un sel de remplissage détient environ trois mois.

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  133. Paolo

    ottimo, è arrivato ben impacchettato ed è adatto da mettere sotto il bancone, di facile istallazione e programmazione, il trasfomatore è arrivato in una spedizione separata con la spina italia

    Was this review helpful to you?
  134. Paolo Bonzanini

    Il prodotto è arrivato per tempo, perfettamente imballato e il coperchio blu integro ( ho letto che alcuni avevano il coperchio rotto). In un 2 ore l’ho installato pur essendo un elettricista. Da subito l’acqua è uscita dolce con quella sensazione liscia sulla pelle. Avviso gli altri utenti che per un impianto idraulico con tubi in ferro, come il mio, bisogna tener tarato l’addolcitore a 15^ gradi francesi, altrimenti c’è il rischio di bucare i tubi. Lo scrivo perché non ho trovato nessuna informazione data in merito a questo che può essere un problema importante.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  135. Paul Denham

    My old water softener was huge and looked like something out of the engine room of the Titanic. It lived outside against the back wall of the house and took up half the back yard. It was also difficult to fill with salt because it stood so high. I was really pleased when my new Water2Buy softener turned up – it was compact, good-looking and light enough to be installed without problems. It fits well in a small space inside my house so I have my garden back at last! Easy to fill with salt, looks good, seems to do its job and the ordering and delivery were all fine. I even had a call from the company asking if all was well – I am a happy customer.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  136. Customer

    Brilliant product, does what it says on the tin. Would recommend this product to anyone our water has never been so soft. Great service, great price, thank you very much.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  137. B. F.

    Schnelle Lieferung Guter Service – 1/2″ Adapter wurde auf Nachfrage kostenlos geliefert ebenso ein deutsches Netzteil. Günstiger Preis Anlage funktioniert seit ca. 1 Mon. problemlos.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  138. Stephan Bohner

    Tadellose Ware / guter Service / Einwandfreie Funktion / Die Installation ist einfach und unproblematisch ! bereits nach 2 Tagen konnte ich den Erfolg im gesamten Haus messen

    Was this review helpful to you?
  139. Kunde

    Hat alles super funktioniert. Installation für einen Laien möglich. Aber das empfohlene Installationsset passt nicht ohne zusätzliche Reduzierungen! Und die Bedienungsanleitung ist dürftig. Die empfohlene Bedienungsanleitung aus einer anderen Rezession Steuerventil BNT165 ist perfekt

    Was this review helpful to you?
  140. Coeugnet

    parfait branchement simple et efficace pour 4 personnes au foyer. SAV au top pour toutes questions. RAS acheter les yeux fermés C’est des PRO

    Was this review helpful to you?
  141. Marco

    Prodotto ottimo, vista la possibilità di programmare una rigenerazione di sicurezza dopo tot giorni se non si consuma il volume impostato in ottemperanza alla normativa italiana (cercate tra le domande su come fare). Peccato solo per l’assenza del produttore di cloro. L’assistenza è buona e ti risponde entro 4 ire ( di solito nel pomeriggio) e con precisione purchè abbiate pazienza nello scrivergli in inglese. Attenzione: quando fate i test della durezza, accertatevi di aver preso un tester per la durezza totale (GH per i gradi francesi o dGH per quelli tedeschi) e non per la durezza temporanea (KH o dKH) altrimenti non noterete differenza tra ingresso e uscita).

    Was this review helpful to you?
  142. Manuel

    Ho comprato questo addolcitore perchè nella mia zona l’acqua è molto dura. Ho vagliato molte marche su internet, alla fine ho trovato la serie della Water2Buy. Penso che in questa fascia di prezzo non ci sia niente di migliore. Il prodotto è arrivato nei tempi previsti, mi è stato anche recapitato l’alimentatore con presa italiana. Nella confezione ci sono le istruzioni chiarissime, su come montarlo e metterlo in funzione, il modello AS200 è automatico e per una famiglia di 2/3 persone è perfetto. La qualità costruttiva mi sembra ottima, fino ad ora ha funzionato perfettamente. Non è troppo grande, qundi è più semplice trovargli un posto. Rigenera le resine in automatico ogni tot. acqua erogata, ma si può anche impostare la funzione a tempo se non si raggiunge la quaota di acqua nell’arco di tempo prestabilito. Ha un diplay lcd per le impostazioni e una manopola per far partire in manuale la rigenerazione delle resine. Ottimo prodotto. Non ha un cloratore ma secondo me è meglio, perchè se non si vuole lasciare l’acua troppo tempo a ristagnare, basta inserire un tempo massimo entro cui fargli fare la rigenerazione delle resine, ma ancora meglio si può acquistare una lampada UV per la sterilizzazione del’acqua non alterare l’acqua con il cloro secondo me è più salutare. Lo ricomprerei.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  143. YouKay Green

    Well written instructions in lay mans terms and that are not a Chinese conversion make the fitting easy for a DIYer like me. Have fitted it in a kitchen cupboard which means the blue top cannot be used unless I chop some of the rear edge off so it could be slid forward. There is also a plastic cover supplied that slots over the salt fill hole so I’ve decided to ditch the blue top. Excellent value

    Was this review helpful to you?
  144. Stephen Scanlon

    Does the job, reasonable price.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  145. Neil C.

    I bought one of these as our washing machine and dishwasher both broke down and when they were taken apart the lime scale in them was astounding. since the installation of this device we have had no problems with the appliances and there are no lime scale deposits in there any more. We also found that the quality of water for the bath and shower was greatly improved and was far softer than previously. the water feels softer and soap lathers better etc. I thoroughly recommend these machines as they do exactly what they say they do. our appliances are working better, our water is far nicer and is much more comfortable on the skin. As to installation, it as very easy and connects via standard washing machine/dishwasher connectors and we had it up and running within about 10 mins. if you live in a hard water area i would recommend you getting one of these machines. It was well worth the money.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  146. M. Gilhespy

    Ordered and received in 25 hours, softener in perfect condition and all the bits seem to be there. Obviously not got it up and running yet but doesn’t look too difficult a job. Will update when it is up and running.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  147. Andrew Flint

    Relatively easy to fit with clear instructions and videos, just to be absolutely sure. Great size for a two person household, fits in a cupboard. Great customer service – highly recommended

    Was this review helpful to you?
  148. Paul.H

    Delivered within 2 days of ordering, Straight forward to install with basic DIY skills, excellent results.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  149. harry

    great price for a good water softener not had any problems so far.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  150. Paul Anderson

    I am very happy how fast I received the product. I installed it myself. I rate it 5 out of 5 and would recommend it to my friends. I am very satisfied as it works like it should and I have had no problems with it so far.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  151. Mrs D Burrill

    I installed the product myself. I think that the price is very reasonable. I would rate the product 5 out of 5. I am very pleased with the product because it fits it's purpose and does what it is suppose to do.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  152. RajeevN

    Excellent Product and great service.

    Got excellent support for customer service to ensure I order the right product for my household. The softener was delivered in good condition. They helped me with the installation of the softener. Excellent workmanship. Finally a great customer experience.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  153. Nicole

    big difference in particular showering – which used to leave our skin quite irritated but now is no problem. This is also great for our young baby, who suffers from mild eczema. Compared to other providers, Water2Buy is fantastic value for money.Very happy to give the service and product 5 stars.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  154. Dev Sinha (verified owner)

    A very good product with very good service despite Covid.
    Ross is very professional with a very good sense of humour and problem-solving attitude. Will call back for any plumbing work and renovation before winter. Would recommend anyone, anytime. Kept me informed, on-time start and on-time finish.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  155. Stewart Craig

    Bought this water softener from Amazon as we live in a very hard water area (furred kettles and blocked shower heads)
    Deliverd within 2 days and Plumber was able to install next day
    This really makes a difference to our water, family very impressed when taking showers, even though follically challenged even I can appreciate the difference in the water hitting my bald pate!

    The set up procedure in the manual is very easy to understand and so important when you first set up
    Control menu very easy ti navigate and change default settings

    Well explained in video

    Early days but I am looking forward to not having to de-limescale shower heads

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