12mm Cone Cutter For Various Surfaces

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Water2Buy Cone Cutter -12MM

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      • This is HSS High Speed Steel Step Drill / Pagoda Drill Bit, which is made from high quality HSS steel, and with the Titanium coated to reduce friction and heat.
      • t is very suitable for using to cut holes in a variety of materials including steel, brass, wood, plastic, etc.
      • The ladder of its unique structure, a bit can open a variety of specifications of aperture.
      • Do not need to use center punch, compared with the ordinary twist drill is not easy to be broken.
      • Deburring, chamfering, elliptic hole enlargement, twist drill, the function of them was unable, but it is possible.

      Step cone drill bits design for precision drilling different size holes up to 12mm in diameter,optimum speed and accuracy.

      Automatically Deburrs Holes As You Drill Two-Flute Design Gives You Faster And Smoother Cutting.Very comfortable and easy to use, it is an essential tool for home work