Water2buy Freshmax Domestic Home Laundry System- Compatible with All Laundry Wash Machines- Modern Tech Fresmax Devices for Efficient Laundry Services


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SUITABLE FOR ALL WASHERS: We have designed a freshmax device system which is compatible with all laundry machines. You will have no trouble getting it to match with your laundry machine. A modern device designed to take your laundry use to the next level.
SAFE & SAVES ENERGY: With this detergent, odor and chemical free freshmax device you are assured of safety for your health and also suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. An excellent power saving device that uses 36 watts of electricity.
EASY & FAST INSTALLATION: You need no skilled personnel or to have any skills to install this freshmax device in your laundry machine. With the packed template, you will install it in less than 10 minutes. All tools and the installation template are supplied.
RICH OF BENEFITS: With this device, you are set to get a range of benefits that include less or no detergent on your clothes, irritant, and odor free clothes, kills 99.6% germs, increases fabric life, Energy Saving. All these in just one device.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are dedicated to offering quality products that meet your satisfaction. Backed with 2-YEAR WARRANTY, you are assured of risk-free purchases.


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