2 Stainless Steel Braided Hoses + Drain tubing + Overflow tubing + 2 Water Hardness Test Strips

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Water softener connection hoses 1" (28mm)

For 1” / 28 mm connections
100 cm length.
Designed to be used with all water softeners with 1” plumbing fittings.
Stainless steal superior quality.
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme approved (WRAS).
Essential for all new water softener installs.
Working pressure 10 bars.
Burst pressure 40 bars.
2 stainless steel braided hoses included


Drain tubing + Overflow tubing

2m Overflow Line Connection Pipe.
1m Drain Line Connection Pipe.
2 Jubilee Clips to secure pipes to softener.
These 2 connection pipes can be easy attached to water softener's overflow and drain line connection.

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Water Hardness Test Strips for Water Softener

Easy tesk kit for measuring water hardness.
Dip the test strip in the water and compare to the indicator.
Perfect for checking your water hardness, also useful for making sure that your water softener is working.

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1″ (28mm) Connection Hoses X 2 (DIY52)
2m Overflow Line Connection Pipe X 1
1m Drain Line Connection Pipe X 1
Water hardness test Strip X 2