Water2Buy W2BP100V Variable speed pump - Maintain Constant water pressure

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W2BP100V Variable speed pump


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      APP cloud platform control system
      The intelligent APP cloud platform management system, through the connection of smart phones and water pumps, controls the start and stop of the water pump anytime and anywhere, sets the working pressure, and checks the pumps condition, More convenient.

      Multiple auto-protection
      Machine stuck protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, under-voltage protection, motor phase loss protection, lightning protection, water shortage protection, over-current protection, that protects the motor and protects the family.

      Wide range of voltages
      Rated voltage 220V, the working voltage from 130Vto 280V.
      The pumps will stopped if the voltage lower than 130V and start automatic when the voltage up to 160V. The pumps will stopped if the voltage higher than 280V and start automatic when the voltage down to 260V.

      Three working modes freely switch
      There are three working mode “booster up” , “booster down” and “timing/filling the tank” , which can be switched freely according to their own water conditions. which is more easy to use.

      Energy saving, low carbon energy saving
      The pump automatically adjusts the speed according to the user’s water consumption, and the power consumption is greatly reduced, saving the living cost. When the pipe water pressure is sufficient, the pump will not start; when the water pressure is not enough, the pump will automatically run and start working to pressurize the water. Eliminate waste and benefit the environment.

      Constant pressure, enjoy water

      The water pressure of the pump line is constant by the permanent magnet motor. The pressure is accurate and constant at any time and any place, and there is no situation where the water flow is suddenly large or small.

      Low Noise, enjoy life
      With a new sine wave noise reduction technology, the noise is lower during the operation of the pump, bringing you a quiet water life.

      Real “core” meaning wisdom brain
      Inverter protection class IPX4, rubber sealing ring at the joint of the casing, tightly closed, protect the internal circuit board, motherboard, module, chip, etc.The internal use of Infineon module, high-end chip, stable performance, far more than similar products. Unique heat radiation invention patent, through the motor fan blades to heat the module and chip, the effect level is good.Special voltage type pressure transmitter: It adopts imported ceramic chip and inverter matching circuit design, no magnetic components, excellent pressure collection speed and longer service life.

      Inverter DC Motor
      “Submarine class” waterproof, safe and reliable
      The core technology of permanent magnet moisture-proof motor originated from Italy. The stator and rotor are processed by special sealing process. It is perfect passed underwater test. It avoid short circuit when the water leakage into motor,
      the safety factor is very high, which is suitable for various harsh environments.
      High speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption
      Permanent magnet high speed motor, small size and high efficiency,
      energy conservation and environment protection
      Low temperature rise, strong magnetic
      High-grade cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, motor temperature as low as 50 °Corless, high-performance ferrite magnetic steel, strong magnetic, extremely low risk of irreversible demagnetization.