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Hard Water Europe

Hard water is caused by high mineral content in the water. These minerals are calcium and magnesium. They accumulate in your water through the water’s natural cycle. Calcium and magnesium leech to water as it runs over rocks and through soil. The threat of hard water varies across the country. Do you live in a hard water area? Learn more about hard water and how you can reduce these contaminants.






Water Hardness in Europe

Hard water in your home can cause multiple issues
ranging from stains on showers, pipes, kitchen
appliances, taps, fixtures and faucets.

Clothes wear out faster and lose their softness and brightness making the material rough and stiff.

limescale in your water can cause skin irritation and hair related issues.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your water then you may live in a hard water area.

A water softener is the only effective way of removing limescale from your water.