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Water Softener Easy Install Guide

Water2buy teams works round the clock to make all our products not only the best priced but also the easiest to install. We invest a large amount of resources into creating user friendly manuals, clear and concise install videos, and simple easy install guides. Many companies worry about just selling the product and leaving the customer to figure out things for themselves afterwards, or if they do offer help they do so with a fixed fee. However we at Water2buy offer all the assistance that a customer could need and make sure we have achieved full customer satisfaction. With all products going through through rigorous testing, we are always looking for customer feedback on how to improve our products and instructions. That’s why Water2buy is pleased to announce the arrival of the water softener easy install sheet.

As depicted below the guide will show you the necessary steps in a condensed manner of how easy it is to install one of our water softeners.


The guide is broken up into 4 steps and main image to show what it should look like at the end.

Step 1. Brings you through the set up of your water softener, such as:

Lubing connections > Removing clips and inserting connections > Opening valves > Tightening the suction hose connection > Turning mixing valve counter clockwise > Switching overflow connection position.

Step 2. Shows you what you must do with your water mains:

Turning off water mains > Cutting mains pipe before junction > Installing elbow joints on cut pipe.

Step 3.  Depicts how the softener should be installed:

Connecting hoses to correct flow directions > Drilling two 15 mm holes > Attaching clips to waste and overflow connections > Feeding waste and overflow pipe through the two holes.

Step 4. Brings you through the finishing touches:

Plugging in the water softener > Positioning the suction pipe correctly > Adding water and salt.

Centre Image. Shows you how the softener will look with all connections fitted.


Be sure to check out our wide range of installation and troubleshooting video on our Water Softener Help Section, including our Water Softener Installation video. And make sure you have the most up to date version of our Water2buy water softener install manual.

After following these steps you should have a water softener that is ready to use, providing your home with soft, limescale free water. Not only will this keep your water soft, but it will help to eliminate limescale that has already formed in pipes. The water softener will help to keep maintenance and repair costs low on household appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher. You and all your family can enjoy the benefits of soft water, such as  healthier looking skin, softer hair and most importantly keeping the dishes spotless and glistening.