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No Water In Brine Tank

1. Please check this. When you start manual regeneration by moving the middle knob to the next position BACKWASH and it stops there then press the SELECT button (left down button).

2. Then it stops at BRINE. When it stops press SELECT and it gets to the RINSE then again by SELECT get to the REFILL.

3. When it stops at REFILL please check if water flows to the brine tank through the white pipe to the grey tube.

4. If no water flows then it seems that the refill regulator can be blocked. Please remove all the brass parts that are marked on the photos.

5. Then check if the rubber inside the brass piece is blocked. There may be traces of dirt in the hole in the middle of the rubber . You can clean it with the needle.

6. If you have the brass part unscrewed and want to see if this causes a problem then you can repeat the steps 1, 2 and 3. Just be careful because from the hole in the control head body will probably flows lot of water. If from control head body flows water without attached brass refill regulator piece then for sure there is fault in this brass refill regulator. Then you can stop it by turning the central knob to the SERV position.