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Starting A Manual Regeneration On A Timer Water Softener

Here’s how to perform a manual regeneration on water2buy timer water softeners.

A manual regeneration is recommended in the following scenarios.
You are experiencing hard water after your installation
Your unit is not using salt
And simply just to check if your unit is working correctly

When starting a manual regeneration
Make sure the backwash knob is at the ‘SERV’ position.
Turn the manual backwash knob clockwise to the first position marked ‘Regen’.
Do not run a manual backwash immediately before, after or during an automatic backwash. The cycle is complete when the backwash knob returns to the ‘SERV’ position.

It’s as simple as that!
Congratulations you have just started a manual regeneration cycle.
Depending on your settings it could take from 1-2 hours to complete this cycle.
The Regeneration Cycle is complete when the dial returns to the SERV position.

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