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The Water Softener Doesn’t Regenerate Automatically

1. On the main display in the first line is the daytime and type of regeneration. It should look as this eg. 14:01 MD. Is that correct?

2. The second line is REG.CAP number it should look approx. as this eg. 02.53T (You have there probably different number. This is the only example). This REG.CAP. the number should be counting down to zero when you use the water.

3. When you open taps at your home is this REG.CAP. number decreasing? It should count down for every 10 liters. So eg. if you use 10 liters of water at home then this number should change to 02.52T and then for the next 10 liters to 02.51T etc.

4. If the REG.CAP. the number doesn´t decrease then check the cable which is attached to the bypass. This cable with the sensor has to be fully clipped in.

5. If yes and it is still not counting down then please watch this video from time 0:30 till 1:35.

6. The wheel has to spin.

7. If the wheel spins and counts as in video then try if the unit regenerates automatically by following steps.

8. Change the regeneration type in settings from METER DELAY to METER IMMEDIATE.

9. Then change the regeneration capacity to 00.01T.

10. Turn the tap and when the number on display reaches 00.00T then it should start clean immediately. Then during the regeneration process in position BRINE, the unit should suck up all water out from the brine tank and in position REFILL the water should be added back to the brine tank.