WATER SOFTENER USES TOO MUCH SALT – Water2Buy – Water Filtration Made Easy


1. Check if the REG.CAP. number in settings is correct according to the manual book. If yes, then the hardness value of your water is too high or your water usage is too high and your unit needs to use so many salt.

2. Check if REFILL time in settings is correct. It should be 04.0 for model W2B200, 06.0 for model W2B500 and 09.0 for model W2B800.

3. Check the water level in the brine tank. When the brine tank is empty of salt then the water level should be about 1/4 or 1/3 inside the brine tank. If there is too much water follow WATER SOFTENER OVERFLOWS.

4. a) On the main display in first line is the day time and type of regeneration. It should look as this eg. 14:01 MD. Is that correct?

b) In second line is REG.CAP. number it should look approx. as this eg. 02.53T (You have there probably different number. This is only example). This REG.CAP. number should be counting down to the zero when you use the water.

c) When you open taps at your home is this REG.CAP. number decreasing? It should count down for each 10 liters. So eg. if you use 10 liters of water at home then this number should change to 02.52T and then for next 10 liters to 02.51T etc.

d) If the REG.CAP. number counts down faster than mentioned in previous step then the motherboard is faulty and needs to be replaced.