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W2B800 Settings & Regeneration


Select your water hardness & number of people in your home.

Tip:Use the test strips included with your water softener if you don't know your hardness. Older videos and manuals have older settings we recommend using the settings from this page only

Settings Optimiser

Video demo on setting your W2B800


The center dial on your W2B800 water softer should be at the “SERV.” position when in normal operation.
Your W2B800 will work fine with the preloaded settings, it’s designed to plug and play.


Regeneration is the cleaning cycle your softener goes through. Regeneration on your W2B800 is automatic.
If you need to start a regeneration manually, turn the center dial to the “BA. WA.” position, the cycle will complete and the softener will return to it’s normal operating mode at the “SERV.” position.