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How To Fix Your Water Softener Advanced Troubleshooting by Water2buy

This video is an advanced troubleshooting video for water softeners, we recommend going through the checks in the basic troubleshooting video first.

This check only applies to meter water softeners
Check the meter cable is attached correctly and clean the contacts.
Check that this clicked in place, it should not pull out of its socket easily.
Occasionally dust can stop the meter cable from taking a proper reading. To remove the meter cable use a kitchen knife to slide under the control valve and push the end of the meter cable right to left to release the tab. At the same time pull the cable up.
Once released use a lint-free cloth to wipe it. Blow air into the socket to clean out any dust.

Next check that there is no debris in the spinning meter wheel that measures the flow of water through your softener.
It is unusual for this to malfunction, but it’s worth checking if you have tried everything else. Debris in the water can cause the wheel to jam. You will need to turn off your water at the mains.
Remove the metal brackets on the side of the softener and carefully remove bypass from the control valve.
Unclip the meter cable from the bottom of the assembly.
Remove the hoses.
You will now need to remove the red clip and the plumbing fitting on the inward directional flow.
Inside you will have a spinning wheel blow air into hole and make sure that the wheel spins and that there is no debris blocking the wheel from spinning.
To check that the meter is working correctly plug in the meter cable, press the menu button on your control valve to turn the screen on, note the regeneration capacity number on the screen, then blow air into the hole again.
Blow in the same direction as the water flow, you should see the wheel spin and the regeneration capacity reading on the digital display should count down.
This may take multiple attempts.
Make sure to reconnect all the parts in the correct order when finished.

Another area where debris can get lodged over time is in the injectors.
Remove the injector cover by loosening both screws.
There are 2 injectors, remove the outer injector and then the inner injector, you may need to tilt your softener to get the inner injector to come out, make sure your softener is empty before doing so.
The wire gauze may come out along with the inner injector you can put this back in place.
Clean both injectors by blowing air through or using a paper clip to clean any debris.
Replace the inner injector and make sure to screw it tight, repeat for the outer injector.
Screw the injector cover back on.

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