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How to maintain your water softener system at home?

Do you know if the water softener installed in your home is serving its purpose of removing limescale from your water?

Are you taking enough care to maintain the system which provides you with soft-water?

Maybe its not doing the job you think , when was the last time you checked?

In this video we are going to reveal some easy techniques that can be used to maintain your water softener system and make the full use of it. These techniques can be used on all types of water softeners but here we are using the Water2Buy W2B 200.

A common problem with water softeners is Salt Bridging, which occurs when salt forms a hard surface over the water level, preventing the water from mixing with salt. To check for bridging in your water softener use a clean implement to stir the salt making sure that you can get to the bottom of the salt tank. Now that you have checked for bridging, we are going to bring the resin back to a healthy state. Over time ions of magnesium, calcium and iron build up on the Resin forming a limescale layer around the resin bead preventing any more limescale sticking to it. Only the use of a resin cleaner will remove the build-up of limescale on the resin. Failure to do so will stop the water softener from working and it will no longer be effective in removing limescale. We’re using Soft  Tec resin cleaner by water2buy, an easy way of keeping your resin in premium condition and your water softener performing efficiently.

Soft Tec helps to wash the resin and makes the water softener function like new. To use, pour 1/3rd of the solution directly into the softener when the salt is low and stir the water and salt solution. Then, do a manual regeneration on your water softener. After the regeneration cycle completes, make sure that the solution has passed completely through, by running the cold water tap nearest to the softener until the water tastes, smells and appears normal. We recommend repeating this process 2-3 times per year.

You can do a quick hardness test on the water to make sure that your water is soft and your water softener is working. Finally fill up your water softener with salt, crystal salt is recommended to prevent bridging. If you are one of the millions of water softener users that can never remember to top your salt, then consider using the Water2Buy App which gives you free salt reminders. You don’t need to be a Water2Buy customer to use this feature. If you are a Water2Buy customer, then you can access some great other features for optimizing your softener. You can get the Water2buy App at