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Water Softener Is Not Using Salt

If your water softener is not using the correct amount of salt, this may be to a natural salt formation known as “bridging”. This means that the salt within the water softener forms a bridged layer of salt at the top of the softener. The bottom layer of salt is used up by the softener, while the rest of the salt is kept out of reach from the brine suction pipe because of this “bridging formation”. This may cause you to think that the softener salt level is at the recommended level whereas in fact it is not and the softener is empty at the bottom.

The way to deal with this issue it use a long, sturdy object to push through the salt. The object will break the “bridging formation” and cause the salt to fall to the bottom, so that the brine suction pipe has access to the salt. If your softener did not have “bridging” this method will not damage your softener, it will only move the salt around in the bottom of your water softener. If you are still  unsure how to perform this process please watch the video below.

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