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Water softeners – salt free devices

What are they and what do they do?

First of all, you need to talk to the manufacturer of these devices to get the facts.

  • Consumer protection laws are clear across the land. Manufacturers must have scientific test data to back up their claims for their particular product.
  • Since no testing standard exists in the US for these devices we have not tested nor certified these products so we can only pass on what we have heard.
  • We understand that there are products that are marketed as scale control devices.
  • Scale is the rock like mineral deposit (limestone) made up of calcium carbonate that forms inside water heaters, pipes, and fixtures over a period of time.
  • Scale control devices can have the ability under certain circumstances to help reduce the amount of scaling inside these pipes and fixtures.
  • To our knowledge these scale control devices do not claim to remove calcium and so they do not produce soft water.
  • Controlling scale inside pipes, water heaters, and fixtures is an important benefit but it is only a partial benefit.