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Water2Buy Wallet Credit Terms and Conditions.

Water2buy wallet is designed to be a service to help customers with the costs of maintaining water filtration. To ensure fair use to all, some Terms and Conditions apply to wallet credit use.

Credit Usage Rate: At all times a credit usage rate applies. The credit usage rate specifies how much of the total credit in your account you can use on any single order.
The normal range of operation is 0-100% Water2buy is the sole determiner of this rate and it is entirely at water2buy’s descension to apply or adjust this rate at any time without notice.

Credit Value: Water2buy wallet credit has no monetary value, it has no cash value and cannot be redeemed as cash. The wallet credit can only be used on water2buy.com

Credit expiry: The credit in your account will expire after a period of no order activity on your water2buy.com account. The expiry will extend automatically from your last order date on your account + the credit period length. Water2buy reserve the right to change the period length and the current expiry dates of all credit. The normal period length is 12 months.

Right to withdraw service: Water2buy reserve the right to withdraw the credit service from all accounts at any time without any liability.

These terms are in conjunction with the complete Water2buy Terms and conditions, which apply to all transactions on water2buy.com

By using Water2buy wallet credit you accept these terms and conditions, you do not have to use your Water2buy wallet.

Thank you.