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Water is an essential part of life. We know that we usually can’t go without water for more than 3 days, the average human that is, not the Bear Grylls wannabes from the book of records that manage to go 8 more days at time. Our bodies are made up of an average of 65% water, and accounts for 60% of our body weight. It doesn’t really take a genius to figure out that water is in fact a very important part of our body. With the litre of water our body excretes at night in the form of sweat we need to regularly replenish our body with water. Now that we’ve established why water is essential to us, and all of us consume it, let’s talk about how we consume it.

What’s your favorite water recipe?
You might think I’m on a substance other than water when I ask you that question but I assure you I’m not. Think of it this way, a simple potato, can be prepared in a multitude of ways. Off the top of my head we have jacket potatoes, chips, mash, baked, grilled and boiled. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to come up with that list. So ask yourself why not have water in a few different ways? This article is going to walk you through just a few of the ways that you can enjoy your water and its benefits.

Pure Water
A glass of water is our most basic recipe. Although water straight out the tap may not be as pure as you’d like to think with contaminates such as fluoride, chlorine and nitrates. In this case you may need to get a reverse osmosis system before you can enjoy that basic recipe but once you get it right, boy does it taste good. Drinking pure water helps to keep your skin looking good, you shouldn’t expect this to get rid of all our wrinkles though. It helps to keep our kidneys running efficiently and keeps our bodies running and general.

Lemon Water
Lemons have a nutrient called pectin fiber, which fights against hunger cravings thus helping us to lose lose weight. So squeezing a few drops of lemon into our glass of water can have the same affect as doing a couple to light exercises. It can also help to decrease blemishes on the skin such as scars or spots. There so many more effects that we can mention such as giving your immune system a boost, freshening your breathe and giving you an energy boost. But I’ll let you try test them out for yourselves and don’t forget you don’t have to just use lemon juice you can try other fruit.

Cold Water Vs. Hot Water
Consuming cold water while exercising is a good way to keep the body temperature cool, thus helping you to exercise more. During a fever it is often recommended to drink cold water as it helps to cool the body but to also hydrate it as your body works hard to get rid of the bad bacteria in your body.
Consuming hot water in the morning has been proved to help stimulate digestion for the rest of the day. The same effect can be reproduced by drinking a glass of cold water before a meal. Drinking hot water has been linked to help cleanse the body of impurities, quite a good trick when when undergoing a detox.

The above are just a small fraction of the different ways to have water. Whatever way you decide to have your water, be sure to drink water that fresh and clean. This can be achieved by installing a reverse osmosis system as previously mentioned or a water filtration system of the likes. It can help to remove 98%+ of the contaminates from your water making sure to keep you as healthy and beautiful as ever.

Your friendly neighborhood water filtration expert,
Finn the DIY Dolphin.