About Us

Hello, Here’s our story, if you’re into stories…
Water2buy is “Water filtration made easy”.
In the beginning…

Water2buy are pioneers of DIY water filtration online.
We first setup a website in 2006 with the aim of being, “Europe’s No.1 online water treatment supplier”.
In fact we registered that statement as a trade mark way back in 2009 because we knew we had to make it true.
It’s been quite a journey since, and we continue to strive to be number 1.
Currently we sell in over 26 countries in Europe and across the pond, and are the #1 seller of water softeners on Amazon Europe.
Our Uniqueness – Making it easy…
Water filtration made easy”. Is what makes us unique.
Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to have filtered water in their home.
We’ve been showing DIY’ers how to filter their own water since about 2006.
We put a lot of effort into ‘easy’
Our products are great quality.
Our prices are the best.
Your experience of dealing with us is constantly measured and improved.
We continually generate new easy knowledge content in our App, Videos and manuals to support our DIY community.
And we never stop developing every other micro detail involved in running the company,
like making it easy for you to pay and easy for you to get your parcel delivered or returned fast and free.